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19 OCT 2016
As the season of harvest arrives, LT takes you on a trail of the must-visit wineries in the Bekaa Valley. Hit the road and enjoy a day of stunning scenery over the region’s fertile plains, framed with the Anti-Lebanon Mountain range, matched with wine tasting
06 OCT 2016
The town of Rachaya, in the South Bekaa region of the same name, framed by the Anti-Lebanon mountain range including the grand Mount Hermon features dramatic landscapes and fertile lands, with fruit tree orchards and agricultural fields surrounding it. LT explores Rachaya and finds a town rich in rural traditions, culture and history
03 MAR 2015
In a northeast Bekaa village, the Women’s Association of Deir Al Ahmar has redefined the role of its women. The founder, Dunia El Khoury, shares their vision for a sustainable future
11 DEC 2013
Anjar, meaning unresolved or running river in Armenian, is also known as Haoush Mousa in the area. The town’s history is comparable to an unrelenting roller coaster of events, ultimately culminating in the unexpected yet simply impressive Anjar of today
15 SEP 2013
Originally a Phoenician town thought to have been inhabited since 9000 BC, Baalbeck was a place of pilgrimage for the Sky God ‘Baal’ and his Queen of Heaven ‘Astarte’
11 DEC 2011
Passionate about discovering new regions, Lebanon Traveler uncovers the top things things to see and do in Qada'a Zahle.
15 OCT 2011
The Bekaa Valley offers the perfect Fall escape, bringing heritage, nature and agricultural experiences into the mix. Follow the road to the historical town of Qab Elias and its surrounding lands to discover a vibrant fruit and vegetable market, archeological remnants of another time and ecotourism activities.

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