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Day Trips

24 JUN 2016
A nature-lover’s paradise, with cultural and historical heritage to match, the Shouf region provides most visitors with the love-at-first-sight effect. The Shouf Biosphere Reserve’s Zeina Zeineddine takes us on a tour of what not to miss on a weekend escape
18 MAR 2016
The Arab Council of Tourism has crowned Jbeil with the title “Arab Tourism Capital for 2016.“ As one of the oldest cities in the world it has impressive historical ruins that show the remains of past civilizations, but Jbeil is certainly not a fossil to the past. From its picturesque port and bustling souks to its vibrant restaurants, Jbeil is full of life. LT explores one of Lebanon’s most iconic cities
11 JAN 2016
Located in the North of Lebanon, the village of Hadath el Jebbeh stands at 1,500m altitude in an area of outstanding natural beauty, overlooking the dramatic Qadisha Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
27 JUN 2015
Lebanon’s historic southern city is well known for its impressive ruins and long stretch of sandy beach, but there is so much more to see. LT reveals five alternative things to do in the Tyre region this summer.
27 OCT 2014
Gilbert Moukheiber, tourism consultant and managing director of tour operator 33 North, shares his top ten in North Lebanon’s Akkar region, where ancient history and rich rural landscapes fuse together
16 MAY 2014
You’ve been to Jeitta Grotto, visited the National Museum and explored the Roman ruins in Baalbeck. These are all must-see attractions, but for a little variety, Lebanon Traveler has picked
13 MAY 2014
Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary visit to escape the city grind? Then head up to the hills of the north to discover the hidden secrets of Balamand. And,on your return, stop at the coastal village of Anfeh to explore its historical marvels
11 DEC 2013
Anjar, meaning unresolved or running river in Armenian, is also known as Haoush Mousa in the area. The town’s history is comparable to an unrelenting roller coaster of events, ultimately culminating in the unexpected yet simply impressive Anjar of today
08 MAY 2013
Batroun is the ideal leisure destination with the most satisfying simple pleasures that the region has to offer. Located 50 km north of Beirut, vacationers flock to these crystal blue waters for water sports, relaxation and just plain fun
14 FEB 2013
A quaint and welcoming town in the heart of the Qadisha Valley, Bcharre is a great place to stop en-route to the Cedars or stay for a few days and explore the sites. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in art, history and culture.
16 SEP 2012
The green hills and old villages of the Chouf are ideal stomping grounds for adventurous travelers.
20 MAR 2012
Ehden’s full of great destinations for visitors and residents alike! Here are ten ways to spend a weekend at this quaint picturesque town.

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