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05 MAY 2017 - 31 AUG 2017
Beit Wadih is a traditional Lebanese guest house owned and operated by a family dedicated to lovingly share with its guests, an exclusive “art de vivre” in an outstanding property built in the 1950s.
01 MAY 2017 - 31 MAY 2017
The Royal Spa May Package is the perfect way to welcome the summer season at Le Royal.
05 APR 2017 - 30 JUN 2017
Get fit with personalized EMS Fitness at Le Royal.
20 MAR 2017 - 30 JUN 2017
Open wine and a 5-course home cooked meal at Château Sainte-Andrée every weekend.
10 MAR 2017 - 30 JUN 2017
The IYASHI DOME will help you rejuvenate and cleanse your body !

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