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Gastronomy & Wines

03 APR 2017
Every city has its hidden culinary secrets, and Beirut is no different. Foodie, Sandra Khalil, crisscrossed the city in search of renowned eateries that have been around forever and are often taken for granted by the locals, yet remain a regular address for a quick, reasonable and authentic Lebanese meal.
24 OCT 2016
Kibbeh, considered one of the national dishes of Lebanon, is an old and representative dish of all Near Eastern countries. The Food Heritage Foundation’s Zeinab Jeambey takes us on a journey to discover its regional adaptations in villages across Lebanon
19 OCT 2016
As the season of harvest arrives, LT takes you on a trail of the must-visit wineries in the Bekaa Valley. Hit the road and enjoy a day of stunning scenery over the region’s fertile plains, framed with the Anti-Lebanon Mountain range, matched with wine tasting
08 JUL 2016
Foodie and meat lover Leon Semerjian has just established his business of curing meat and making sausages. The Food Heritage Foundation’s Zeinab Jeambey meets the young entrepreneur in his industrial kitchen in Baabdat and delves into his story
25 JAN 2016
The Food Heritage Foundation’s Zeinab Jeambey visits Lebanon’s main cities to highlight local pastries and their makers
14 JAN 2016
Olive oil has a long history in Lebanon; but with an advance in technology over the years that heritage has been refined. LT looks at the production of extra virgin olive oil; its numerous health benefits and how to taste a good oil from bad.
19 OCT 2015
The goat dairy product, ambarees, has a long history in Lebanon, but as its traditional production process fades out it’s at risk of being lost. The Food Heritage’s Foundation’s Zeinab Jeambey explores the tradition and how to preserve it.
08 OCT 2015
The tradition of Lebanon’s national drink, arak, remains an essential part of the Lebanese mezze. LT speaks to wine and beverage specialist Najib Moutran to find out if the long heritage of the industry is enough for it to continue thriving?
10 JUN 2015
Darb el Karam (The Trail of Generosity) is a new food trail that promotes food and agricultural heritage in rural areas in the Higher Shouf and West Bekaa. The Food Heritage Foundation’s Zeinab Jeambey, involved at the core of the project, explains the concept and the purpose behind the rural tourism initiative
16 DEC 2014
Since the dawn of time, the Mediterranean has been abundant with the sweetest fruits and its people are skilled at preserving them.
20 SEP 2014
Honey, one of nature’s natural delicacies, has been a part of our diet for centuries. The Food Heritage Foundation’s Zeinab Jeambey traces its early uses and explores the varieties that can be found in Lebanon today
14 AUG 2014
The Food Heritage Foundation’s Zeinab Jeambey goes on a countrywide journey to discover producers still making Arabic ice cream the traditional way

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