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24 JUL

Pack Your Bags for Serbia

On the lookout for a quick overseas getaway with a twist? Travel blogger The Jetsetter Diaries has just the ticket.
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21 JUL

Byblos' Newest Outdoor Market

NGO Via Appia is launching a new weekly market, backing local producers and artisans in Byblos on Saturday 22 July.
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20 JUL

The Top Beach Bars, Pool Parties and Hang Outs

If you fancy a break from swimming but still want to relax by the sea, these beach parties and hang outs are just the thing.
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19 JUL

A Sexy New Look at Le Gray Beirut

Downtown just got sexier! Here's a peek at Le Gray Beirut's stunning new expansion, including a screening room and new lobby lounge, that you will want to check out for yourself.
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18 JUL

Mazen Kiwan's Lebanon

Proving that it takes two to tango, we got up close and personal with international tango star and “Dancing With The Stars” judge Mazen Kiwan to learn more about dance in Lebanon and his favorite things about the country.
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17 JUL

Michel Fadel Closes Jounieh Festival With a Bang

It's a wrap for the 7th edition of Jounieh International Festival! Read more about Michel Fadel's awesome performance and the epic fireworks display.
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