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15 NOV

Foodie Events in Beirut

As a nation of food lovers, there’s a lot happening in Beirut over the next few days guaranteed to keep your appetite at bay.
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14 NOV

Jean Louis Sabaji Designs Chocolate Dress

Lebanese fashion designer Jean Louis Sabaji has made hundreds of beautiful dresses. Referred to as the “dream weaver” and the “Alexander McQueen of the Middle East,” we get ready to witness his first chocolate dress.
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10 NOV

STOMP in Lebanon

The unstoppable smash hit STOMP comes to Lebanon on 16-18 November, promising an explosive performance. But, what’s all the fuss about?
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08 NOV

Salon du Chocolate Beirut

There’s chocolate on the horizon, and a lot of it! Get ready to meet top pastry chefs and witness a spectacular chocolate fashion show at the Salon du Chocolate Beirut, 16-18 November at Biel.
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06 NOV

The Latest Photo Books About Lebanon

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a book full of them? Take a look at these three photography books and discover Lebanon in all its glory.
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04 NOV

Beirut Cooking Festival

The Beirut Cooking Festival is just around the corner. Taking place at BIEL from 16-18 November, over a hundred exhibitors, top chefs, experts, producers and retailers will share their passion for the culinary arts. Take a look at what’s on the menu.
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03 NOV

5 Reasons not to miss Gourmet Week

Gourmet Week is calling all foodies to discover the best flavors at more than 30 restaurants in and around Beirut from 13-17 November. Here are five reasons why you won’t want to miss it.
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02 NOV

Beirut Art Film Festival

The much-awaited Beirut Art Film Festival is back for its third year, from 6-25 November. Tackling the theme of “Freedom: Freedom to testify, Freedom to inquire, Freedom to create, Freedom to live,” we take a look at what’s planned.
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31 OCT

Creepy Places in Lebanon

Some of the most striking buildings in Lebanon stand as relics of the country’s troubled past. Abandoned and broken, we unlock the mystery to four old hotels.
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29 OCT

The Ministry of Tourism’s Plans for Lebanon

On October 16, 2017 Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism Avédis Guidanian held a press conference at the Phoenicia Hotel to share his plans for the future of Lebanon’s tourism industry. Here’s what to expect.
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