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23 MAY

4 Cool Events Around Beirut This Week

The sun is out and Beirut is ready to celebrate the coming of the sunny season with some awesome events around the city. From travel to design, Beirut has a lot on offer this week and you don’t want to miss it!
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18 MAY

Beirut's Epic Travel Event You Do Not Want to Miss

If you love to travel as much as we do, you need to stop by the Travel Lebanon festival this May 23rd-27th at the Beirut Hippodrome. Travel Lebanon is held in conjunction with the Garden Show & Spring Festival, and is the only event in the country that celebrates local tourism in Lebanon.
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17 MAY

The Garden Show & Spring Festival is Back!

The 14th annual Garden Show & Spring Festival is the place to reign in the warm weather with five straight days of springtime fun. The premier outdoor event is held every year at Beirut’s Hippodrome and brings together the best of spring’s bounty
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10 MAY

6 Best Places to Swim in Beirut

From the budget to the luxury, Beirut has its fair share of great options to cool off as the weather heats up. Here are our top picks for pools and beaches around the capital.
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08 MAY

The Beirut Museum Dedicated to Fishing

Hidden behind the Corniche, close to the highest concentration of luxury hotels and towers in Beirut are the remnants of a once thriving fishing community and the home of a man who harbors its memories, Ibrahim Najem
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05 MAY

6 Underrated Rivers Across Lebanon

Lebanon is home to beautiful biodiversity, much of which can be found along its many rivers. Lebanon Traveler takes a look at six of the country’s rivers and how to best enjoy each one!
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