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Let Art Set You Free at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

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The “Free Your Mind” exhibition, launched on 21 September at the iconic Phoenicia Hotel Beirut, brings video art to Beirut.

In an effort to inspire and encourage artists in Lebanon, the Phoenicia and the Videoinsight® Foundation, established by Rebecca Russo in 2010, have collaborated on a local art competition from which five participants now proudly display their art pieces in the hotel’s lobby.

Guests of the Phoenicia hotel have the luxury of being able to view the pieces from the comfort of their rooms on a TV channel specially setup and dedicated to the Video Art Project.

The competition winner, who will be announced in October, will have their video work showcased at the Videoinsight® Foundation in Italy and a weekend stay at the Phoenicia.

Artists all around Lebanon are encouraged to take part in future competitions and are invited to email for more information.

The exhibition continues until the end of November.

DATE 07 OCT 2017


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