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Mount Lebanon

03 JAN 2017
The Beiteddine Palace, Moussa Castle and Marie Baz Museum are three of the most popular and impressive destinations in the Shouf region and each provides a unique perspective on Lebanon’s archaeological and historical past.
24 JUN 2016
The regal Silk Museum of Bsous sheds light on the importance of Lebanon’s past silk industry and man’s interaction with nature
04 APR 2016
Biodiversity conservationist Elsa Sattout takes us on a trip to her local green getaway, Dlebta, a village where natural landscapes meet history
01 APR 2016
A nature-lover’s paradise, with cultural and historical heritage to match, the Shouf region provides most visitors with the love-at-first-sight effect. The Shouf Biosphere Reserve’s Zeina Zeineddine takes us on a tour of what not to miss on a weekend escape
18 MAR 2016
The Arab Council of Tourism has crowned Byblos with the title “Arab Tourism Capital for 2016.“ As one of the oldest cities in the world it has impressive historical ruins that show the remains of past civilizations, but Byblos is certainly not a fossil to the past. From its picturesque port and bustling souks to its vibrant restaurants, Byblos is full of life. LT explores one of Lebanon’s most iconic cities
08 FEB 2016
A remarkable museum only 15 minutes from Beirut in Beit Mery shows Lebanon’s history through the eras
28 DEC 2015
Perched on a hill in Beit Mery, the Al Bustan hotel has a long heritage. It’s a landmark to the past, watching over Beirut from above. LT speaks to Myrna Bustani, daughter of its founder and president of the Al Bustan Festival, who has made the hotel an active hub for the arts and continued its legacy
02 NOV 2015
LT meets prolific underground music producer Zeid Hamdan in his family village of Bater – and discovers the serene surroundings that have provided the space for him to create music.
29 OCT 2015
Nora Joumblatt, president of the Beiteddine Festival, is one of the Shouf’s biggest advocates. LT spoke to her to find out about “Authentic Shouf,” a new campaign to boost tourism and promote the traditions, local specialties and natural beauty of the region.
22 OCT 2015
With a 50-year history, Jounieh’s Teleferique continues its journey up and down the Harissa heights – remaining an important Lebanese landmark. LT meets Joe Boulos, whose family was responsible for its heritage.
20 JUN 2015
From the riverbeds at its foothills to the heights of its snowy summit, Mount Sannine has fascinated Lebanese painter Chaouki Chamoun since childhood
14 JUN 2015
Shouf conservation project Bkerzay preserves the cultural and natural heritage of the region. Its founder Ramzi Salman shares his vision for the future of artisan work in Lebanon

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