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Outdoor Adventures

16 DEC 2017
You don't need to be a professional hiker to enjoy Lebanon's numerous trails. Jad Abou Arrage, a rural tourism specialist, rounds up a selection of hikes to challenge you this season.
20 APR 2017
Whether you want to set up a tent in a pine forest, enjoy the sea breeze, or spend a weekend glamping, Lebanon has you covered.
20 APR 2017
Winter is the time to snuggle up with a good book next to the fireplace, but when the sun peeks through the clouds, experience an exhilarating outdoor adventure by cycling along the coast from Beirut to Batroun
01 MAR 2017
When Ali Elamine, a tall, blonde, American-born Lebanese, first began surfing the waves of Jiyeh in the winter of 2011, he was met largely with confusion and concern. Lebanon Traveler goes behind the scenes with the pioneer behind Lebanon's growing surf community.
16 JAN 2017
Founder of NEOS Tourism consultancy and author of Eco Lebanon: Nature and Rural Tourism, Nour Farra-Haddad gives her eco-friendly tourism tips for the perfect local getaways of the season
06 OCT 2016
The once tiny climbing community in Lebanon is now firmly established – with a new generation of climbers active in developing the sport. Community and sustainable tourism development professional, Martine Btaich meets two climbing enthusiasts and explains how to get started
03 OCT 2015
With its long coastline and connection to the sea, Lebanon carries a rich history when it comes to fishing. From the hidden coves of Dalieh to the coast of Batroun, fishing hobbyists and enthusiasts will find no shortage of spots to cast their rods.
30 JAN 2015
Passionate cyclist and the founder of CyclingCircle, Karim Sokhn shares his reflections on the evolution of a thriving cycling community in Lebanon and his tips for the country’s best cycling spots
28 JAN 2015
Lebanon's remote hillsides offer a multitude of white trails perfect for snowshoeing escapades
23 JAN 2015
Global adventurer Maxime Chaya keeps things local with a six-day cycling journey along the Lebanon Mountain Trail
29 OCT 2014
Owner of event management company Ciel et Vent and a passionate kite flyer, Sami Sayegh is committed to keeping the ancient tradition alive and flying
20 OCT 2014
The Shouf Biosphere Reserve's Mirna Riman takes us on a walk along the ancient trail of the Barouk River Valley, where history and nature collide

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