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04 JAN 2017
Over the past five years, Yazan Halwani has covered Beirut’s gray concrete walls with beautiful works of art. From Hamra to Karantina, his decorative work brightens up our city with the faces of iconic Lebanese figures.
30 DEC 2016
LT gets up close and personal with award-winning Lebanese Snapchat sensation, Georgio Bassil, aka @georgio.copter
09 DEC 2016
Haven for Artists is a collective of artists who have come together to form a non-profit dedicated to supporting underground art in Lebanon. Lebanon Traveler caught up with co-founder Dayna Ash to learn more.
07 NOV 2016
Ever dream of quitting your mundane desk job to travel the world? Well travel bloggers Beatrice Daou and Elie Chahine did just that. We caught up with these two free spirits , founders of to learn about life in the road.
26 OCT 2016
LT meets painter Hassan Jouni in his studio in the atmospheric neighborhood of Manara. The Lebanese artist shares his nostalgia for “old Beirut” – a world he recreates in his paintings showing its architecture, cafés, people and warmth.
10 OCT 2016
Beirut-based British artist Tom Young’s paintings are deeply rooted in Lebanon’s heritage. He shares with LT his projects that preserve the city’s traditional architecture and document the narratives tied up within them
06 OCT 2016
Elie Saab has become one of the biggest global figures in contemporary fashion. Lebanon Traveler sat down with the world renown designer for this exclusive interview.
05 OCT 2016
Cirque du Soleil returns to Beirut with the show “Varekai.” It shows Icarus exploring an extraordinary world, through fantastical costumes and acrobatics. We caught up with publicist Julie Desmarais and artistic director Michael Smith to find out about life on tour
14 JUL 2016
The Byblos International Festival has become one of Lebanon’s most anticipated music events of the year, bringing some of the biggest international and regional acts to the north Lebanon coast. LT sits down with Latifa Lakkis, head of the festival committee, to find out what happens behind the scenes and how she unwinds post festival
14 JUL 2016
Interviewing the “Best Interviewer of the Year” is quite a daunting task. And, when it comes to interviewing GQ Magazine’s “Woman of the Year”, it becomes a real adventure. TV presenter Elsa Yazbek Charabati speaks to the French-Lebanese journalist Léa Salamé, just before she embarks on another major step in her career
27 JUN 2016
Lebanese sportsman Silvio Chiha has mastered everything from judo to water skiing. But it’s his character and commitment to Lebanon that has made him the champion of a generation. He speaks to LT on his training routine, motivation and favorite destinations around the country
24 JUN 2016
Lebanese photographer and videographer, Christian Ghammachi talks to LT about his “Rise Above Lebanon” aerial video that captures unseen parts of the country

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