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Touring Lebanon

16 JAN 2017
Founder of NEOS Tourism consultancy and author of Eco Lebanon: Nature and Rural Tourism, Nour Farra-Haddad gives her eco-friendly tourism tips for the perfect local getaways of the season
28 OCT 2016
Lebanon’s cedars are a source of national pride, tied up with the country’s identity. But beyond our most well-known forests, there are many more to discover. From umbrella pines in the Metn area, to the firs of the far north, the author of “Native Trees of Lebanon and Neighboring Countries,” Elsa Sattout, takes us on a tour of some of Lebanon’s lesser-visited forests
07 JUL 2016
The village of Hasroun is located in the Bsharreh district of north Lebanon. Its name derives from the Phoenician word for fortress, possibly a result of its location 1,400m above sea level. Perched atop the Qadisha Valley, Hasroun offers visitors unparalleled views, beautiful natural trails, religious sites and a much-needed break from city life
27 JUN 2016
Say hello to the summer with LT’s destination tips around the country. From atmospheric overnight stays during festival season to scenic picnic spots in the countryside, here’s how to spend the ultimate holiday at home
27 MAY 2016
A growing community in Lebanon is showing a passion for exploring Lebanon by dark and studying the night sky. LT meets two enthusiasts, astronomist Dr. Roger Hajjar and astrophotographer Dr. Antoine Faissal
29 DEC 2015
If your calendar is looking cold this winter, we’ve got a whole bunch of suggestions to fill it with warmth. From tango lessons and a night at a cabaret to the best ski slopes in the country, LT have put together a list of the ultimate things to do and places to visit this season
30 JUN 2015
Founder of NEOS Tourism consultancy and author of Eco Lebanon: Nature and Rural Tourism, Nour Farra-Haddad gives her eco-friendly tourism tips for getaways around Lebanon
27 MAY 2015
With over 35 beach clubs in Lebanon, LT rounds up the hottest destinations this summer for every taste. We also speak to consultant Ralph Nader on the new trends and developments that are taking the country’s coastline by storm
27 FEB 2015
Founder of NEOS Tourism consultancy and the author of “Eco Lebanon: Nature and rural tourism,” Nour Farra-Haddad gives her eco-friendly tourism tips around Lebanon
30 JAN 2015
Passionate cyclist and the founder of CyclingCircle, Karim Sokhn shares his reflections on the evolution of a thriving cycling community in Lebanon and his tips for the country’s best cycling spots
21 JAN 2015
Oh baby it’s cold outside! But don’t let that stop you. Lebanon is brimming with life in the winter months from snow-topped mountains and forest walks to music festivals and home-cooked dinners

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