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Wellbeing & Leisure

11 OCT 2016
From the weird to the wow, LT scoured the country for best (and most unusual) spa treatments in town and then sampled them for you. Here are our top 8 spa treatments to treat yourself to this winter season.
27 MAY 2015
With over 35 beach clubs in Lebanon, LT rounds up the hottest destinations this summer for every taste. We also speak to consultant Ralph Nader on the new trends and developments that are taking the country’s coastline by storm
23 AUG 2014
From the golden sands of a public beach, to pebbled bays and luxurious beach clubs, Lebanon Traveler takes you on a tour of some of the beach highlights along Lebanon’s rich coastline
30 JUL 2014
As the countryside landscapes come to life, with plants and flowers in full blossom, it’s the summer months that are best for exploring the rich nature that Lebanon has to offer
24 JUN 2012
In business, building good relationships with clients or partners is of utmost importance. Going that extra mile will truly make all the difference. That’s why mixing business with pleasure can be a smart idea. For those of you who are entertaining business guests this summer, Lebanon Traveler has compiled a list of possible hot spots that will cater to every need and desire. So, take the day off at one of the country’s seaside resorts and don’t feel guilty – you’re still working!
24 APR 2012
Yoga brings out the best in you as it helps you relax and reconnect with yourself. Throughout Lebanon you will find yoga retreats where you can do just this, as well as classes for every taste.
01 OCT 2011
Throughout history, honey has been linked to health, beauty and healing. Egyptians sacrificed honey by the tons to their river gods, while Roman legions slathered honey on the wounds as a natural cure to promote healing; and medieval lords reserved honey for their private use.
01 SEP 2011
Eco-friendly spa is a comparatively new and modern trend of the spa industry, and is becoming more and more popular among the adherents of wellness services. This type of spa is a combination of the modern facilities of the today’s day spa, and the natural beauties and benefits of nature.

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