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19 OCT 2017
A few weeks ago, strange symbols started to appear on the walls of Beirut with the word “united” inscribed using calligraffiti, a style of writing that combines calligraphy and graffiti. Here’s why…
17 OCT 2017
Despite the chaos, there are still a few quieter spots in Beirut where you can you work, study or read a book. Here are five places to get you started.
14 OCT 2017
More than 40 of the world’s finest whiskies are coming to Beirut for the second edition of Whisky Live Beirut, 19-21 October. Here's what you need to know!
12 OCT 2017
Emile decided to share his beloved collection of over 900 Lebanese paintings and unique Melkite pieces by opening the Emile Hannouche Museum.
10 OCT 2017
Discover the tragic history being the former Barakat Building, only recently reopened since the Civil War.
07 OCT 2017
The “Free Your Mind” exhibition, launched on 21 September at the iconic Phoenicia Hotel Beirut, brings video art to Beirut.
03 OCT 2017
Offering hikers the unique chance to witness Lebanon’s most beautiful areas, the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) is organizing its annual Fall Trek, starting 13 October.
30 SEP 2017
On the lookout for a quick overseas getaway with a twist? Travel blogger The Jetsetter Diaries has just the ticket, straight to Armenia.
23 SEP 2017 - 19 JUN 2017
L’Hôte Libanais takes us on a journey to discover Guita, a charming guesthouse in Akoura, where warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery go hand in hand.
14 SEP 2017
Lebanese director Ziad Doueiri’s latest award-winning film “The Insult” (Case No. 23), is hitting cinemas today!
08 SEP 2017 - 19 JUN 2017
There are some truly unique guesthouses in Lebanon that'll transport you to another world. L'Hote Libanais presents one such magical retreat.
07 SEP 2017
For lovers of coffee, Beirut’s rich café culture is second to none. LT rounds up some of the best outdoor spots to grab a freshly brewed cup and watch the world go by.

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