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Responsible Tourism

13 APR 2016
The Lebanon Mountain Trail is the first long distance hiking trail in Lebanon; a 470km path from north to south showing the diverse landscapes, food, and culture of Lebanon. Martine Btaich, vice-president of the LMT Association, shares its history, conservation and its 2016 food heritage focus
18 JAN 2016
The Mediterranean’s varied landscapes and ecosystems, along with its rich cultural heritage, make it an ideal region to support eco-tourism. The Shouf Biosphere Reserve’s Mirna Riman, explains the Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism (MEET) project and its role in helping to build a sustainable tourism industry in Lebanon
08 JAN 2016
USAID has supported the participation of 20 food cooperatives and small businesses at the Beirut Cooking Festival in the ‘Atayeb Lebnanieh’ exhibition booth through its Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD) project.
12 OCT 2015
Cooperatives have not only empowered the women who run them in rural regions, but are helping to create a more sustainable field of tourism. Martine Btaich, a professional in community and sustainable development and vice president of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association, explores the women-run local agro-food cooperatives.
04 JUN 2015
Rural tourism development specialist Martine Btaich explores the rising trend of agricultural tourism, where visitors get to experience the farm first hand and see rural food harvesting and production in process
04 MAR 2015
As an essential stop on the route of migrating birds, Lebanon has an important role in their conservation. Environmental Awareness Coordinator at the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Mirna Riman explores
19 JAN 2015
A rural tourism strategy for Lebanon – a great potential for the country’s tourism prospects and for rural communities. Martine Btaich, an independent consultant in social, economic and sustainable tourism development explains
05 JUL 2014
Deep in the rural south of Lebanon, the small village of Chebaa has a lot to offer local tourists
19 JUN 2014
Local eco-tourism expert, Pascal Abdallah explains why domestic tourism is the one of Lebanon’s biggest assets
04 JUN 2014
Local eco-tourism advocate and the founder of tour operator Responsible Mobilities, Pascal Abdallah talks us through one of the biggest challenges facing the tourism industry today
04 JUN 2014
Take a slow travel approach when visiting rural areas, using cleaner means of transportation and meeting with local communities
03 MAR 2014
As destinations are threatened, the relationship between environmental assets and local culture is becoming a relevant issue in the tourism sector. Pascal Abdallah, tourism development consultant, and managing director of Responsible Mobilities, takes a closer look at how to make tourism more responsible

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