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LT Profiles: Surf Lebanon

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When Ali Elamine, a tall, blonde, American-born Lebanese, first began surfing the waves of Jiyeh in the winter of 2011, he was met largely with confusion and concern. Surfing was still a relatively niche sport in Lebanon, and surfing outside the hot summer months was unheard of. “I realized pretty quickly that there was a gap in Lebanon. There were these awesome waves and no one was on them… I couldn’t believe it,” he recounts.

Lebanon is well known for its diversity of activities—we ski in the winter, swim in the summer, and hike, bike, and sight-see year-round. It is this plethora of options in such a small area that makes Lebanon unique. But until recently, Lebanon’s world-class surfing had gone unnoticed by most of the population. A few surfers had taken up residence in Batroun, but the big waves in Jiyeh were crashing by unnoticed each year. 

Baffled by this, Ali decided the time had come to realize a long-time dream: to open his own surf shop. A year later, he opened Surf Lebanon in Jiyeh, a one-stop shop for all things surfing, from a surf school to wet-suits to surfboards.

Since opening, Surf Lebanon, and consequently the surfing community in Lebanon, has grown exponentially—and not just among die-hard surfers. “Anyone can surf. We have pilots, artists, lawyers, businessmen, and surf moms.”

When the surf is good, the water can be packed dozens of surfers all vying for the best waves. The team at Surf Lebanon has formed its own community on the shores of Jiyeh and continues to encourage new surfers to try out their favorite water-sport. In 2014, Ali registered Lebanon as an official surf destination with the International Surf Association (ISA), leading international surfers to the country’s shores.

As Ali explains, “[Lebanese] people are generally surprised to find out there’s good surf in Lebanon… but once you start, it becomes an addiction."

For more information or to book a lesson, visit or check out their Facebook page.

DATE 01 MAR 2017


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