Between the numerous Covid-19 lockdowns and the country’s hardships, nature remains a healer for travel blogger, hiker, explorer and photographer Nidal Majdalani, who shares with us a selection of outstanding landscapes and hiking trails from her travels across Lebanon.

1- Qannoubine


Qannoubine Valley

Qannoubine, or the Valley of the Saints, remains one of Lebanon’s most majestic heritage sites, from its deep valley — which is often covered in fog — to its rich biodiversity and numerous hiking trails. More than 15 villages stand on its shoulders and almost each has a unique hiking trail. If you ever seek a peaceful track, just head there and see for yourself.

2- Batroun



Hiking in the wilderness, one cannot help but notice the many rivers that have dried up. However, they leave behind beautiful trails with magnificent rock formations that carry visitors to a whole new dimension, like the one in the Batroun district.

3- Bqarsouna



A new hiking trail was announced by the LMTA earlier this year in Bqarsouna, passing by Nabe3 El Sukkar in the beautiful Minieh-Dinniyeh district, North Lebanon. Furthermore, you can enjoy the incredible terrain of mountains and valleys, and the region’s unmatched nature.

4- Ammiq



One of the most spectacular natural sites in Lebanon is Ammiq, where one can witness an unimaginable level of beauty. The Ammiq Wetlands are a haven for countless animal species, from birds to buffalo.

5- Jaj Cedars Forest


Jaj Cedars Forest

Our country is known for its ancient trees. The Jaj Cedars forest in the Byblos district is one of the oldest forests, and the numerous hiking trails in the area are a great escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

6- Yahchouch



Seemingly endless trails exist in Yahchouch, which is abundant in water sources. Located in the Keserwan district at an altitude of around 650 meters above the sea, one of its famed sites is the beautiful waterfall and lagoon.

7- Obedat



Another interesting trail that reflects our rich heritage is the Obedat Heritage Trail. Leading you through challenging ledges and complex ground, the trail features high mountain peaks and deep valleys that boast old hermitages of astonishingly different levels and caves.

8- Jahliyeh



It is reassuring to know that despite everything, some areas are investing in their nature preservation and creating new trails to encourage domestic tourism. The Jahliyeh trail is a great example of a fantastic new trail — just one of the many trails in Chouf.

9- Deir Mimas


Deir Mimas

South Lebanon is revered for its epic scenery. Some villages, like Deir Minas, are simply bursting with olive trees.

10- Chekka



Nature not only provides a healing escape but also soothes the mind. Chekka/El Heri is quite magnificent, with its picturesque beaches, touristic sites and formidable cliff that cuts its way through the sea. You won’t be disappointed by the sunset.

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