20 Lunch Ideas in Beirut for Father’s Day

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Discover the best places to celebrate your father this year, whether you’re going for a casual lunch or a delightful brunch.


  1. Al Sultan Ibrahim – Downtown


Photo – My Lebanon Guide

Sultan Ibrahim is sure to give your dad the flavorful lunch he deserves. Pamper him with delicious Lebanese mezzes and the freshest seafood you can find with gorgeous views at Al Sultan Ibrahim (+961 1 989 989).

  1. BARON – Mar Mikhael


Photo – @eat.drink.baron

Elevate the dining experience by heading to BARON (+961 79 179 099), where your dad is sure to love the exciting menu of international dishes.


  1. Batchig sur Mer – Zaitunay Bay


Photo – Batchig

Armenian food fits every occasion, so why not head to Batchig sur Mer (+961 70 135 654) for a beautiful sea view and a delicious blend of Armenian and Lebanese cuisine for homemade food without the cooking?


  1. Beit Kanz – Achrafieh


Photo – Beit Kanz

Beit Kanz’s (+961 81 777 098) cafe-restaurant celebrates Lebanon’s culinary heritage and strives to give you an amazing foodie experience while also giving back to those in need. This unique place is sure to give you some amazing moments to share with your dad!


  1. Centrale – Saifi


Photo – @centralebeirut

Take your dad for a fine-dining experience at Centrale (+961 3 915 925). This resto-bar also boasts an incredible wine vault so you can spoil your papa with his favorite bottle.


  1. Em Sherif – Achrafieh


Photo – Em Sharif Beirut

This fine-dining restaurant offers authentic Lebanese cuisine, modernizing the flavors we all grew up knowing and loving. Em Sherif‘s (+961 70 919 119) selection is sure to please everyone!


  1. Al Falamanki – Raouche


Photo – @sliceofbeirut

Offering a wide selection of delicious Lebanese cuisine, Al Falamanki (+961 78 808 011) is a small escape from the city hustle, giving you the looks and feel of a little village with delicious food and an even greater view of the iconic Pigeon’s Rock.


  1. Feluka – Manara


Photo – lebanesefoodista

Feluka (+961 1 742 200 ext: 4) is a seafood restaurant and wine bar located in the Sporting Club of Beirut. With a wide selection of Lebanese and international seafood dishes, such as batrakh all the way to ceviche, this restaurant is sure to impress the man of your heart.


  1. Hemingway’s – Movenpick Beirut


Photo – Movenpick Beirut

Enjoy a cozy lunch and drinks at Hemingway’s (+961 1 869 666) the bar and cigar lounge of Movenpick Beirut. It offers breathtaking sea views and a lovely ambience of fun and relaxation.

  1. Jai – Clemenceau


Photo – Jai Kitchen

Is your dad a fan of Asian food? Then Jai (+961 71 541 311) is the place to go this Father’s Day. This fusion place combines dishes from Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian cuisines and more.


  1. Liza Beirut – Achrafieh


Photo – @lizabeirut

Liza Beirut (+961 1 208 108) offers you a beautiful experience of traditional Lebanese food in a renovated 19th century villa. The food is outstanding and perfect for Father’s Day.


  1. Mandaloun Sur Mer – Beirut Waterfront


Photo – Al Mandaloun

Another seafood spot, Al Mandaloun Sur Mer (+961 3 400 404) not only serves great food but also an amazing view and atmosphere so you can spend some quality time with your father!


  1. Meat The Fish – Saifi


Photo – @meatthefish

Meat the Fish (+961 81 993 736) is all about delivering the highest quality ingredients. With seasonal menus and delicious cocktails, what better way to celebrate?


  1. Metropole – Downtown Beirut


Photo – Metropole

French, American and Italian cuisine converge in the Metropole kitchen (+961 1 999 938). Celebrate your dad in the way he deserves at the classy Beirut spot.


  1. Mosaic – Phoenicia Beirut


Photo – Mosaic

Give your father a five-star experience by treating him to brunch at Mosaic (+961 1 357 027), located in the Phoenicia Hotel. The international and local buffet selection is amazing.


  1. Pastel – Saifi


Photo – Pastel

French and Mediterranean cuisine go hand in hand at Pastel (+961 3 640 005). This elegant restaurant is bound to make your dad feel extra special on Father’s Day.


  1. Sursock Museum Restaurant – Achrafieh


Photo – Sursock Museum

If your dad is into art and culture, take him to the Sursock Museum followed by a cozy lunch in the museum’s garden and restaurant (+961 1 200 512), where you’ll be able to indulge in Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes.


18. Tawlet Souk El Tayeb – Mar Mikhael


Photo – Souk El Tayeb

Tawlet by Souk El Tayeb (+961 81 266 060) is a beautiful experience to share with your family as you spend your time with Souk El Tayeb cooks who retell their own stories and share their traditions through their cooking.


  1. The Terrace – Albergo – Achrafieh


Photo – Hotel Albergo

A beautiful green oasis can be found at the Albergo Hotel (+961 1 339 999), which is an ideal spot to treat your dad on Father’s Day.


  1. Tom & Mutz – Mar Mikhael


Photo – Tom & Mutz

Tom & Mutz (+961 81 725 251) offers authentic Italian cuisine and a great wine selection in the heart of Mar Mikhael. Head there for lunch if your dad is a fan of pizza and/or pasta. 

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