Art Exhibitions in Beirut

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Beirut is well known for its eclectic art scene and there are a number of exhibitions that are definitely worth visiting this month.

“Picturing History” by Pierre Sadek

“Picturing History” by Pierre Sadek

1. “Picturing History” by Pierre Sadek

In this exhibition, Pierre Sadek conveys the history of Lebanon as well as its obscurity the best way he knows how: through the style of art that has distinguished him enough to call it the “Sadek Caricature.”

Where: Sursock Museum, Greek Orthodox Archbishopric Street, Achrafieh, 01 202001

When: Until 30 April


2. “Selfie Flowers” by Didier L’Honorey

Drawn, colored or treated in large calligraphic movements, the flowers of Didier L’Honorey do not refer to any reality; they do not represent any floral variety. With one hundred and fifty drawings in ink on paper, the artist defies the rules of creation in this unique exhibition.

Where: Alice Mogabgab Gallery, Achrafieh Street, 01 204984

When: Until 29 March


3. “Beyrouth Empire” by Francois Sargologo

Drawing inspiration from the book “La Boîte à Merveilles,” Sargologo paints a Levantine journey in the nebulous setting of the cosmos, giving us a paradoxical yet mesmerizing story to feast our eyes on.

Where: Galerie Janine Rubeiz, Charles De Gaulle Avenue, Raouche, 01 868290

When: Until 28 March


4. “Under the Same Moon” by Eileen Cooper

This exhibition showcases the paintings of Cooper, a British contemporary artist who was inspired by Lebanon’s history and wanted to pay tribute to it. The exhibition heavily features cedar trees and mosaics, which play a big part in the country’s history and its intricate art culture.

Where: Letitia Gallery, Tour de Saroula, Hamra, 01 353222

When: On until 31 March


5. “In a Woman’s Shoe” by Darine Semaan

With women’s rights gaining momentum, this exhibition comes at the right time. In her paintings, Darine Semaan visualizes a woman’s character through the shoes she wears.

Where: Zico House, Spears Street, Sanayeh 03 810688

When: On until 31 March


Text: Rayan Badaoui



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