Behind the Scenes at Cafe Younes, Lebanon’s Legendary Coffee Shop

by LBTAdmin

Synonymous with Lebanese coffee culture, there are few places quite as iconic as Café Younes. We took a short break with CEO Amin Younes to learn more about what makes the brand so popular and why it remains so loyal to Lebanon.

Why did you decide to enter the family business?

It was by pure chance, as I started off in banking. My brother was originally meant to take over the business, but something I can’t explain changed my mind and convinced me to join the company. When I shared the news with my father — which turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life — he cried with joy!

In your opinion, what makes Café Younes so popular among Lebanese worldwide?

Since 1935, Café Younes has brought the coffee-loving community together. We have always strived to be a part of the neighborbood by providing a friendly next-door coffee shop that guests can call home and where they can hang out with friends or even work. Besides making guests feel comfortable, the coffees and dishes we serve are delicious.

How many branches do you have in Lebanon and where are they? 

There are 10 Café Younes branches in Lebanon today:

  • Two in Hamra
  • One in Sodeco
  • One in Achrafieh
  • One in BDD
  • Two in the AUBMC
  • One in Badaro
  • One in Aley
  • One in Batroun

Which branch do you enjoy spending the most time at and why?

Well, that’s a tough question! I love the serenity of Hamra’s beautiful garden, the hustle and bustle of Sodeco Square, the special neighborhood feel of Achrafieh, the fast pace of AUBMC and ACC branches, the lively summer outdoor of Aley, the relaxing ambiance in BDD, the amazing terrace chill time of Badaro and the peaceful oasis of Batroun. But my preferred location will always be the first roaster in Hamra, where I can still see my father roasting on the 1950 sample roasters, enchanting the customers with the same delicious aroma of coffee and creating unforgettable moments for the neighborhood.

Despite expanding overseas, Cafe Younes remains loyal to Lebanon. What drives this passion?

Café Younes has always been considered an integral part of Lebanon. It was a landmark in Downtown Beirut in the 50s and 60s, located just a few meters away from the tramway stop in Souk el Franj. The company shares Lebanon’s history and, more importantly, its resilience. It has maintained a homely feel despite wars and crises. In brief, Café Younes is a testament to Lebanon’s strength to overcome even the hardest times.

What projects have you got planned in Lebanon this year?

Café Younes will be expanding north this year, so you can expect three additional locations to enjoy our coffee!


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