Beirut Art Days: Uniting Lebanon through Art, Music and Culture

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Lebanon’s art and culture scene is thriving like never before. We learn more about Beirut Art Days, an event honoring art in all in forms, which is taking place across the country from 3-6 July 2024.

Why Beirut Art Days was founded

Lebanon boasts 90 galleries and art foundations, 110 cultural venues and 102 museums, which together produce nearly 2,000 events annually. This resilience is a testament to the country’s unwavering commitment to art and culture. Myriam Shuman, director of l’Agenda Culturel, says: “From July 3 to 6, 2024, our country will be beating to the rhythm of art and culture. Galleries, museums, theaters and cultural venues across Lebanon will offer diverse art and culture experiences, including exhibition visits, performances, screenings, private collection tours, lectures, concerts, debates, art tours, artist talks and more.”

Indeed, more than 70 institutions will be taking part in the first edition of Beirut Art Days. With more than 130 events on the program, Beirut Art Days aims to send a message to the world that Beirut will always be a city of beauty and creativity, and that art will remain its greatest asset.

What to expect

With free access for everyone over four days and across all venues, Beirut Art Days invites not only art and culture lovers but anyone interested in discovering something new or experiencing a different side of Lebanon. “Beirut Art Days will give art lovers, collectors, professionals, citizens, and tourists the opportunity to explore Beirut, Lebanon, and art from a new angle,” says art gallery owner Saleh Barakat. “We are proud of the creative potential of our artists — especially in these challenging conditions — and believe it deserves to be reiterated today.”

Collector and gallery owner Kalim Bechara adds: “Lebanon has always been the cultural benchmark in the region. We are full of hope and confidence that Lebanon will shine more brightly than ever and will remain the beacon of the Levant in art, beauty, and creativity.”

The people behind the event

L’Agenda Culturel co-organized the event with the Beirut Art Days Committee, a panel of artists and intellectuals committed to fostering Lebanon’s art and culture scene. The committee identified the need for a dedicated event to highlight the country’s vibrant cultural scene.

The Ramzi and Saeda Dalloul Art Foundation (DAF), a Beirut-based visual arts institution, is the lead partner for Beirut Art Days. Dedicated to making modern and contemporary Arab art accessible to local and international audiences, DAF’s permanent collection includes works in drawing, installation, mixed media, painting, photography, ceramics and sculpture. The foundation aims to preserve and disseminate Arab creativity through archiving, exhibitions, education, publications, public programs and research.

Art curator Randa Sadaka notes that the organization of Beirut Art Days has been a smooth collaboration with art players across the nation, resulting in a harmonious dialog to elevate the choice of events and ensure the success of these four days of art and culture.

The full program of Beirut Art Days can be found on the Agenda Culturel website.

Beirut Art Days promises to be an unforgettable celebration of Lebanon’s enduring artistic spirit, uniting the nation through the transformative power of art, music and culture.


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