Beit Douma: A Colorful Window to the Past

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Beautiful pastel colors will greet you at Beit Douma, a warm and inviting guesthouse in North Lebanon. We discover its charming features with our friends at L’Hôte Libanais.

Photos – Roland Ragi

Beit Douma is one of those magical places that feels almost surreal. Perched 1,000m above the sea in the beautiful mountains of Batroun, the restored 19th-century Lebanese villa first impresses by its imposing stone façade, tall arched windows and vaulted ceilings. The striking combination of yellow and purple on the property’s exterior will certainly make you smile.

The story

The project of Beit Douma is an extension of Souk El Tayeb, which actively unites communities and supports small-scale agriculture. True to this vision, the restoration of Beit Douma supports the village of Douma and protects Lebanon’s heritage.

The house

You’ll quickly feel at ease once you step inside Beit Douma. The bright and airy rooms are refreshing and relaxing; there’s even a giant bookcase where you can easily find an interesting book to read. Pretty gardens and burgeoning apple orchards surround the house, where each new breakfast under the trees etches unique memories to the timeless story of the place.

Guests can stay in one of Beit Douma’s five charming rooms, which are playfully decorated in floral prints.

Tawlet Douma

Besides offering guests a beautiful place to stay, Beit Douma hosts visitors at Tawlet Douma, where they can enjoy a menu of regional specialties and traditional Lebanese favorites prepared by talented local cooks. The restaurant is open every day, all year round, so there’s always an opportunity to visit.

What to do in the area

Apart from hiking and nature walks, visitors can enjoy the picture-perfect souk of Douma. There one can find quaint stores selling local specialties, including halawa, olive oil and homemade jams.

To book a stay at Beit Douma, visit or call +961 81 064460.


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