Courage and Compassion: Inside the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon

by LBTAdmin

Inaugurated in April 2002, the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) provides access to treatment for children with cancer, at no cost to their parents. We learn more about the incredible work of this incredible NGO, which is completely reliant on generous donations, and the difference it has made to the lives of thousands of young cancer patients.  

The work of CCCL

To date, the center has supported in the treatment of around 5,000 children. To assist the largest number of patients possible, CCCL has expanded its reach to cover treatment at several partner hospitals all over Lebanon — AUBMC remaining its main medical partner. Thus, CCCL is currently supporting more than 50% of the children who have cancer in Lebanon.

Rewards and challenges

With 80% of patients being cured, the greatest reward for CCCL is welcoming the survivors back as visitors. In April 2018, the Champions’ Circle was launched, bringing together all those who have won their fight against cancer since the center opened its doors in 2002.

Moreover, witnessing CCCL’s expansion to new countries is another achievement and reward. Indeed, CCCL UK Limited was incorporated in 2014, and CCCL joined the International Humanitarian City (IHC) in Dubai in 2018. Finally, CCCL Foundation France and CCCL USA (501c3) were founded in 2022 to increase the center’s reach and help in raising funds.

As for the challenges, they are countless: Lebanon’s economic and political crises, the devaluation of the currency, collapse of the banking sector, the huge rise in poverty, the Covid-19 pandemic, Beirut port blast and many other calamities. Fundraising has become difficult. 

What’s planned in 2024

CCCL’s objectives for 2024 include sustaining support for 500 new patients annually, ensuring treatment coverage and enhancing collaboration with partner hospitals. These efforts aim to uphold the best quality of care, providing equal opportunities for every child with cancer in Lebanon.

How to support CCCL

Everyone can support the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon by making a financial contribution, ensuring that no child is left without treatment, as their health and their future totally depends on bighearted donors. 

To learn more about helping save a child’s life, visit or call +961 1 351515 / +961 70 351515.



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