From Past to Present: Hilmi’s Legacy of Lemonade in Batroun

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Discover the rich history of Hilmi’s, where the tradition of crafting exceptional lemonade began over a century ago in Batroun, Lebanon.

Birth of a tradition: 1888

In 1888, Hilmi’s opened its doors, introducing Batroun to its first taste of premium lemonade. Priced at 15 piastres per glass, this refreshing beverage quickly became a local favorite, setting a standard of quality that endures to this day.

Chez Hilmi: an icon

In 1962, Hilmi expanded its offerings with Chez Hilmi, a pastry shop renowned for its lemonade, Arabic ice cream, sahlab and oriental sweets. This establishment became a celebrated destination, serving superior products and impeccable service.

Beyond culinary excellence: community and recognition

Hilmi’s has not only satisfied taste buds for decades, but it has also played a pivotal role in the community. Hilmi himself served as both president and vice president of Batroun Municipality, leaving a lasting impact beyond the culinary sphere. Indeed, Chez Hilmi attracted notable figures, including presidents and royalty.

A legacy honored: national recognition

In 1974, Chez Hilmi received the prestigious Order of the Cedars in recognition of its contribution to Lebanon’s cultural heritage and tourism. This accolade solidified Hilmi’s as a cultural institution.

Continuing the legacy: the modern-day legends

Today, Rana, Farah and Nour Hilmi carry forward their family’s legacy with passion and innovation. They’ve transformed Hilmi’s, unveiling the world’s first House of Lemonade and Lemonade Museum. They have rightfully earned the title of “lemonade legends” for their commitment to excellence. Hilmi’s has become world famous because of their dedication to quality and their innovative approach to lemonade.

Experience Hilmi’s today

Immerse yourself in the world of Hilmi’s by visiting the Instagram page or contacting the branch on +961 81 991 888. Explore Hilmi’s rich heritage, its renowned lemonade and discover why the brand is synonymous with excellence.


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