Kfardebian: New Capital of Arab Winter Tourism

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Kfardebian has been officially crowned as the capital of Arab winter tourism. We reveal more about the special celebrations held in the village to mark the recognition and what makes Kfardebian so special.

It’s official: Kfardebian is the new capital of Arab tourism! The event, which kicked off at the municipality of Kfardebian, welcomed special guests, including Lebanese Minister of Tourism, H.E. Walid Nassar, Secretary General of the Arab Tourism Council, Sharif Fathi Attia, and distinguished MPs and ambassadors, marked a significant milestone for the region’s tourism industry.  Guests were taken on a tour, showcasing the region’s iconic landmarks.

The coronation ceremony commenced with a vibrant parade of skaters bearing the flags of Arab nations and the Arab League. Indeed, H.E. Nassar emphasized the event’s significance in unlocking Lebanon and Kfardebian’s tourism potential, highlighting the opportunities it presents.

Entertainment was provided by the dynamic dance troupe and international artist and DJ Rodge.

Guests were treated to a tour of Faqra Kfardebian Club, a premier destination in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The tour continued to the enchanting natural stone bridge and the Faqra archaeological site, where guests appreciated the rich tapestry of Kfardebian’s past.

What makes Kfardebian special?

Home to the renowned Mzaar Kfardebian ski resort, Kfardebian draws in winter sports enthusiasts from across the region. Its landscape boasts picturesque valleys, ancient ruins and traditional villages, providing a glimpse into Lebanon’s rich heritage.

Those who enjoy outdoor adventures can go hiking. Other activities include mountain biking and paragliding opportunities.

Furthermore, it is ideal for foodies wanting to taste local cuisine and enjoy true Lebanese hospitality.

In essence, Kfardebian is a haven, where nature’s grandeur, adventure and cultural authenticity converge, leaving an indelible mark on all who venture there.

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