Spring in Lebanon has always been magnificent, but thanks to the weather, this year has been extra special and colorful. From the picturesque coastal plains to the mountains and valleys, Nidal Majdalani, photographer, explorer and travel blogger, takes us around the country, revealing Lebanon in full bloom.

Photos: Nidal Majdalani

1. Marjeyoun & Khiyam fields

Known for its fertile land, Marjeyoun’s green plains are a sight to behold, especially in spring.


2. Baalbek

Poppies are blooming all over Lebanon. Near the ancient Baalbek temple, pretty red flowers punctuate the landscape, creating a stunning symphony.


3. Oyoun el Samak

A piece of paradise is nestled in North Lebanon between the districts of Denniyeh and Akkar. The lake of Oyoun el Samak in Denniyeh has truly come to life this spring, with yellow flowers lining the water’s edge.


4. Qadisha Valley

The glory of spring can be appreciated between Bcharreh and Zgharta, where steep valleys and magnificent mountains dominate the landscape.


5. Tannourine

While visiting the Batroun district, one cannot overlook the natural beauty of its villages, specifically Tannourine, which lies at an average altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level.


6. Byblos

Whether by the coast or in its mountainous spots, Byblos’s spring canvas is vibrant. Wander around the Citadel to experience it firsthand.


7. Baskinta

Just over an hour’s drive from Beirut, Baskinta and its surrounding areas are glowing with picture-perfect scenery.


8. Jezzine

Famous for its waterfall and verdant hills, Jezzine is perhaps one of Lebanon’s most stunning destinations. During spring, the whole district is radiant.


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