Jezzine beckons travelers with its natural beauty, rich culture, and culinary experiences. As USAID’s Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project is working to raise the profile of the region and enhance its tourism offerings, we present Jezzine uncovered.

Jezzine is a testament to Lebanon’s natural beauty, boasting pristine landscapes and a thriving culinary heritage, with kibbeh as one of its most iconic specialties.

Exploring the region

While Jezzine is often considered a summer destination, it offers an all-encompassing experience year-round, boasting:

Spectacular landscapes: Jezzine invites weary souls to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life amid its awe-inspiring landscapes. From towering waterfalls to serene pine forests, the region is a paradise for nature lovers.

Cultural treasures: Well-known landmarks include the iconic Jezzine waterfall, the enchanting Bkassine pine forest, the historic Farid Serhal Palace, and a multitude of churches and monasteries.

Hiking havens: Adventure seekers can explore numerous hiking trails, with detailed information available on

Hidden gems: For those who love uncovering the lesser known, Jezzine promises treasures like the Abou el Hosn Fort and the mysterious Fakhreddine Cave.

Visitor information and accommodation

Many of Jezzine’s attractions are accessible without an entry fee, although sites like the Farid Serhal Palace may charge visitors.

Jezzine has around 56 hotels and guesthouses, ensuring visitors have a comfortable stay while exploring the region.

Festivals and crafts

Jezzine comes alive with vibrant festivals, offering a glimpse into its rich culture and traditions.

Firebird cutlery, a famous regional craft, reflects the local craftsmanship and artistry.

Social media

Jezzine maintains a strong digital presence through its website and active Facebook and Instagram pages, with a dedicated following. Frequent updates keep the community engaged and informed. Influencers like Rami Rizk and Elias Chamy are advocates of the region and often post exciting content about Jezzine.

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For more information, contact the Jezzine the Destination Management Organization of Jezzine on +961 7 780 563.

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This article is part of a joint project to promote tourism destinations across Lebanon, launched by the Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) activity, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and Hospitality Services. The content of this article is the sole responsibility of Hospitality Services, and does not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

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