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Getaway to Guita

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L’Hôte Libanais takes us on a journey to discover Guita, a charming guesthouse in Akoura, where warm hospitality and breathtaking scenery go hand in hand.


In the beautiful Mount Lebanon village of Akoura lays Guita, a new addition to the L’Hôte Libanais family.

It all started with Guita Germanos, a mother passionate about cooking and gathering friends and family around a table of delicious Lebanese specialties. Recently, Guita’s son Philippe decided to turn the summer residence into a guesthouse, celebrating traditional cuisine and promoting agro-tourism.

Like Guita, the guesthouse is warm and welcoming. From the fresh interiors, to the colored rooms inspired by the different herbs, flowers and fruits grown around the farm, the guesthouse is an invitation to a peaceful and homey getaway in the mountainous landscape of Lebanon. Step outside the cozy interior and reinvigorate your senses at the hundred-meter garden, where the water fountain, the hammocks, the swing, and the hand-planted fruits and vegetables create the perfect haven of green serenity.

Apart from the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are served right from its gardens, the guesthouse offers traditional Akourian meals made with love by Guita herself, such as maakroun bi labne and tbaibisse. Guests can also take part in cooking sessions and even spend time fruit picking.

Rooms starting from:
150,000 LBP (100 USD) including breakfast

For more information visit

FROM 23 SEP 2017 - TO 19 JUN 2017


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