20 Exciting New Food Spots in Beirut

by Maria Frangieh

Gather your foodie friends and experience the latest additions to Beirut’s culinary scene. Whether it’s a beloved establishment opening a new branch or a completely novel concept, these food spots are set to ignite your taste buds and leave you craving for more. 


1- Al Beiruti 



Al Beiruti (+961 76 111 511) has arrived from Dubai, bringing with it a fusion of iconic Lebanese resto-café ambience and delectable Lebanese cuisine. This culinary gem offers a delightful foodie experience, allowing you to savor the best of Beirut in a single destination.


2- Batchig Sur Mer


Photo – @batchiglebanon

The beloved Armenian Lebanese gem, Batchig (+961 70 444 307), has made its way to Zaytuna Bay, offering its signature flavors with a breathtaking seaside setting. Experience the same culinary excellence that you’ve come to know and love with the added benefit of lovely sea views.


3– The Bros


Photo – Wissam Chaaya

The Bros (+961 1 570 297), absolute legends in Mar Mikhael, have now taken their burger game to the next level with a new location that’s considerably bigger than the previous spot. Get ready to have your taste buds blown away by epic burgers packed with mouthwatering flavors that will take you to food heaven.


4- Candide Café


Photo – @candide.cafe

Candide Café (+961 81 679 255) transcends the boundaries of a typical coffee shop. It’s where you can savor exceptional coffee while finding serenity, whether you’re unwinding, working or catching up with friends.

5- Ditto


Photo – @dittobeirut

Built inside a traditional Lebanese heritage home, Ditto’s Mediterranean menu and stunning decor are bound to leave a lasting impression (+961 71 217 121).


6- Ground Floor


Photo – @groundfloor.beirut

Ground Floor (+961 70 30 30 75) is a lounge, bar and restaurant that boasts an exciting international menu, including a raw bar. Book your table for an upscale dining experience.


7- Jnaynit el Khaweja


Photo – Maissa Akl

Step into the beauty of a historic Lebanese home as Jnaynit el Khaweja (+961 76 444 569) unveils its second branch in Achrafieh. Their delicious Lebanese food and traditional decoration with indoor and outdoor seating are the perfect Sunday lunch spot with the family.


8- Kebbet Zamen


Photo – @kebbetzamen

Kebbet Zamen (+961 1 324 220) is where the taste of Zgharta meets the vibrant spirit of Beirut. Here, you’ll find a selection of Lebanese mezze as well as home-cooked meals.


9- Kintsugi


Photo – Kintsugi

Kintsugi (+961 70 283 233) is a whimsical, joyful space. From tantalizing salmon tartar bites to crispy onion rings and yummy sandwiches, this bar and restaurant will transport you somewhere beautiful and exotic.


10- Le Bar


Photo – @lebar.beirut

Le Bar (+961 3 762 900), located in Beirut, invites you to indulge in an evening of drinks and dinner, accompanied by captivating performances by both local and international music acts. With its stunning sea view, inviting ambience and cozy interior, it sets the stage for a truly unforgettable night.


11- Leo La Terasse


Photo – @leolaterrasse

Leo La Terasse (+961 70 991 177 or +961 1 990 880) is a fresh dining concept that combines familiar favorites like sushi and steaks with their own unique culinary creations. Immerse yourself in a luxurious dining experience, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, right in the heart of downtown Beirut.


12- Mon Maki A Moi


Photo – @monmakiamoi

One of the best sushi destinations in Lebanon has reached Gemmayze. Enjoy the best sushi rolls that will leave you craving for more at the one and only Mon Maki A Moi (+961 71 034 777).


13- NIU


Photo – @niu.bowl

What if we told you that you could enjoy the same NIU flavors and freshness in a new downtown setting? That’s right! The Hawaiian concept is opening a new branch NIU Poke (+961 76 69 69 00 | +961 71 84 89 34), so you can get their delicious poke no matter where you are.


14- O’s Focacceria


Photo – @osfocacceria

O’s Focacceria (+961 76 894 730) is the ideal spot to savor the ultimate comfort of indulging in the perfect combination of good cheese, flavorful toppings and heavenly bread.


15- Pastel


Photo – @pastel.beirut

French and Mediterranean cuisine come to life at Pastel (+961 3 640 005). Rest assured that this soothing space will leave your mind soothed and your stomach full.


16- Pastis Beirut 


Photo – @patisbeirut

Pastis (+961 70 248 648 or +961 1 563 111), the French bistro, is a culinary haven that offers a diverse menu to satisfy every palate. Its outdoor tables are ideal for long lunches in the Beirut sun and for those who enjoy people-watching.


17- Praliné


Photo – @praline.lb

Praliné (+961 1 351 751) is the latest addition to the vibrant food scene of Hamra. This delightful coffee and pastry shop goes beyond the ordinary, offering an array of salads, breakfasts and even custom cakes for special occasions.


18- Riccello Pizzeria 


Photo – @riccello

Riccello (+961 3 652 532) is serving up Neapolitan goodness in the heart of Saifi village, Beirut. If you’re a fan of wood-oven pizzas, this is the place to try. You’ll love the sidewalk dining area.


19- Salt Fish


Photo – @saltfishinthecity

Salt Fish (+961 70 120 014) has just landed in Mar Mikhael! From traditional British fish and chips to tantalizing Spanish ceviche, this seafood spot has something to satisfy every customer.


20- Venezia Ristorante Italiano


Photo – @veneziaristoranteitaliano

Venezia (+961 1 516 540) brings the spirit of Venice to the heart of Beirut, offering an Italian dining experience that transports you to the romantic canals and vibrant streets of the Italian city. This authentic Italian restaurant presents a menu filled with all the beloved classics you know and love, each dish showcasing a unique twist and bursting with flavors that will delight your taste buds.

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