40 of the Hippest Beach Resorts in Lebanon

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Lebanon promises a scorching summer for beach lovers. We discover the season’s best spots with our friends at Amber Consulting.

Photo – Joe Sokhn



The great news is that many beach clubs have no entrance fee. Instead, they have opted for a pay-for-what-you-consume policy.

Anfeh, affectionately known as “Anforini” due to its Greek-island feel, offers sun worshippers a beautiful rocky shore and crystal-clear waters. Chairs and umbrellas can be rented for a minimal fee at Tahet El Rih Anforini (+961 70 788117) and other spots along the shoreline.

The nearby beach clubs of Batroun and Thoum, such as Pierre and Friends (+961 3 352930), Colonel Reef (+961 3 743543) and Danys Beach Bar (+961 3 929825) also provide visitors with an affordable beach experience.

Colonel Reef

In Byblos, Al Bahsa is a public pebbly beach where you can rent chairs and umbrellas for few Lebanese pounds. Also located in Byblos is Nomad (+961 71 000677), unquestionably one of the hippest beach bars in Lebanon.

Cloud 59. Photo – Nostigram

In the South, Tyre Beach is a great option for those seeking peace and quiet. Beach restaurants and bars located along its sandy shores, such as Cloud 59 (+961 3 517996), charge just a few pounds for chairs. Closer to Beirut, Jiyeh Beach (+961 71 864460) is a lovely spot offering free beach access.

Located off the coast of Tripoli, Rabbit Island is the real deal when it comes to a free beach experience.



In the bustling capital, Sporting Club (+961 1 742482), one of the oldest beach clubs in Lebanon, Long Beach (+961 1 742496), Sporting’s neighbor, and the one and only Saint-Georges Yacht Club & Marina (+961 3 958379) are great options. Furthermore, Riviera Hotel Beach Lounge (+961 1 373210) offers a fancy beach experience for all ages with multiple pools, while the adults-only Madame Bleu (+961 78 996222) is designed to attract city-life lovers with a picturesque Mediterranean view.

Sporting Club



Located in Damour, Lost at Sea (+961 76 500888) is a new adults-only beach set to open this summer.


White, elegant and classy, Orchid Beach offers the ultimate beach experience at two locations: Jiyeh (+961 3 040420) and Batroun (+961 71 949404). Part of the Mandaloun Group, Mandaloun Beach Club (+961 3 405060) offers luxury and tranquility with an impressive pool and a Mediterranean seafood restaurant.

Located in Halat, Kalani (+961 76 504050) is a serene beach resort known for its infinity pool, its high-end restaurant and breath-taking sea views.


Jungle Beach (+961 76 548854) is made for the free-spirits and the sun worshippers with a colorful setting.

Another over-18 destination is Kai Beach (+961 76 744844) in Batroun that combines all the ingredients for a fantastic day by the sea.


Damour Beach Resort (+961 76 883737) features an infinity pool and a wide sandy beach with different areas ideal for families. In Jiyeh, Lazy B (+961 70 950010) is a charming family-friendly resort. It has been thoughtfully landscaped to provide a variety of sections, grassy areas and decking, to suit all tastes. Known as an exotic beach resort in Damour, Janna Sur Mer (+961 5 602656) combines a tropical vibe with all the facilities and services to fit all ages and tastes.

Lazy B

In Byblos, Eddésands Hotel & Wellness Resort (+961 9 546666) has been a longtime favorite among couples, groups and families. The vast resort boasts countless pools and plenty of beach activities.

Nanaya Resort (+961 6 543970) in Batroun also welcomes families. Florida Beach Hotel & Resort (+961 6 543999) is another great family beach resort with a wide range of facilities and services in El Heri, Chekka.

Nanaya Resort

Back in Beirut, Kempinski Summerland Beach Resort (+961 1 858028) is an five-star resort that welcomes all ages. Similarly, the Movenpick Hotel Beirut (+961 1 869666) has an impressive beach and multiple swimming pools, making it an excellent option for families.



This year, La Siesta Hotel and Beach Resort (+961 5 815555) in Khalde is collaborating with UNIPOD, the management team behind the successful Frozen Cherry in Zaarour, to transform La Siesta’s rooftop into a hip sunset lounge named Soléa Beach Rooftop (+961 70 141213).

La Siesta Hotel & Beach Resort

In Batroun, Bolero (+961 3 302929) is the place for some tasty bites and cocktails.

Blue Beachfront Bar (+961 76 427000) in Byblos is the perfect place to enjoy the beach and sunset while you eat, swim, drink and dance.

For the party-loving crowd, Ayla (+961 81 808079) beach bar in Byblos is a must.



Since 1981, Jammal Restaurant (+961 6 740095) has been offering a unique “pieds-dans-l’eau” dining experience, combining delicious food with an authentic beach experience.

Located in Byblos Sud Village, Grecco (+961 76 330605) is a new Mediterranean restaurant and sunset lounge bar.

If you are looking for the freshest and tastiest seafood, Fidar Beach House (+961 81 783793) is a hidden gem with an amazing sea view.

Sunbathe, chill and have a meal at Joining Beach (+961 3 517492) in Kfarabida, right on top of rock formation.

Joining Beach

Abou Ghassan (+961 81 714444) in Chekka will entice you with its remarkable seafood, as will Anfeh landmarks Chez Fouad (+961 70 830117), 3al Ba7er (+961 70 554417), Salim Sur Mer (+961 3 330472), O Chalet (+961 76 929217) and Al Khal (+961 3 306585).


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