Mini Guide to Miziara

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Perched on a hilltop 800m above the sea, the northern village of Miziara is home to some of the most unusual houses in the country, including one constructed out of an old airplane. The village also boasts incredibly well-maintained and organized streets, something of a rarity in Lebanon!

Photo – Tony Boulous Sleiman

Getting There

Miziara is within a two-hour drive from Beirut. Take the coastal highway northbound towards Tripoli. After passing Hamat, exit the highway onto the Chekka-Amioun Road and follow the road to Miziara.

What to Do

Photo – Peter Ghanime

Our Lady of Miziara, Mother of Mercies

Built in 1979, Our Lady of Miziara is a Marian shrine that stands at the entrance of the village. The shrine consists of a statue of the Virgin Mary and is guarded by two statues of angels made of limestone. Some sculptural representations of Christ’s baptism, the wedding at Cana and the last supper can also be found in the shrine. A spacious park surrounds the site and is paved with walkways between olive and oak trees. Statuary nooks depict scenes from the gospels, such as the nativity, the flight into Egypt, the baptism of Christ and the Crucifixion.

Bnachii Lake

Located within a 20-minute drive of Miziara is the Bnachii Lake. The lake offers visitors the opportunity to hire pedalos or take boat rides. In addition, the path surrounding the lake is perfect for a long walk or a jog. Built on the banks of the Bnachii Lake is the Wildlife Taxidermy Museum (+961 6 550550).

Containing more than 3,000 stuffed animals, the museum comprises five areas, including sea life, reptiles, mammals and birds. Around Christmas time each year, a magical festival takes place by the lake. The area comes alive with an elaborately lit Christmas tree, colorful decorations and a festive market.

Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

Located just 10 minutes away from Miziara is the magnificent Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve. Rich in biodiversity, the reserve has recorded more than 1,058 plant species, which accounts for nearly 40 percent of all native plant species in Lebanon.

The reserve is home to the iconic cedar of Lebanon as well as other coniferous, deciduous and evergreen broadleaf trees. An impressive variety of wild animals, including the golden jackal and the red fox, can also be spotted on occasion in the dense forest. Hikes can be arranged with local guides. Contact +961 70 601601 or visit for more information.

Where to Eat

Founded in 1996, La Crepinette Restaurant (+961 6 570005) is located in the heart of Miziara. It is well known for its delicious food and signature crêpes.

Photo – Elias Khoury

Where to Sleep

With 12 rooms and nine suites, Hotel Miziara (+961 6 570521, is an elegant boutique property. Most of the rooms have views of the mountains and the coast. An array of activities can be enjoyed at the hotel or in the surrounding area, including cycling.




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