5 Amazing Beirut Bookshops You Can Escape to

by Maria Frangieh

In a world full of chaos, we all need a little peace and quiet. Take a look at these five charming spots in Beirut where you can enjoy a good read, a tasty coffee and, most importantly, leave the noise outside.

1- Curl (+961 81 021 653)

Located on Badaro street, this quaint coffee shop is known for its serene atmosphere. You can read a book, of which there are many, while having the soul-warming hot chocolate or café latte. A workshop has been recently introduced at Curl, where one of the most iconic and impactful books is reviewed and discussed among its book-loving community. Also, don’t forget to check out one of the first “Take a book, leave a book” initiatives in Beirut.


Photo – @curlcoffee

2- The Little Bookshop (+961 1 740 270)

Located in Hamra, this bookstore is as authentic as it gets. Featuring a wide selection of classics, you can take a seat and read or pass by to pick up some literature. In all cases, you are sure to appreciate the warm welcome and assistance of the owner.


Photo – @nazlisbookshelf

3- Onleen Bookstore (+961 3 633 187)

Whether you want to buy a book or simply borrow, Onleen Bookstore is worthy of a visit. This place tells the unique story of a law student who worked day and night to make his bookshop a reality.

Photo – @onleen_bookstore


Photo – @onleen_bookstore

4- Halabi Bookshop (+961 1 851 154)

Boasting a warm and colorful atmosphere,  Halabi Bookshop is a real gem. Located in Kaskas, you can easily get lost among the thousands of books on the bulging shelves of this family-run business. Interestingly, this charming bookshop has managed to maintain its reputation over the years, leaving an indelible mark on Lebanon’s community of bookworms.


Photo – @halabibookshop

5- Aaliya’s Books

Nestled in the heart of Gemmayze, this place oozes positive energy. Selling both new and used books, it also offers a commendable variety of drinks and cocktails, and it is known for its unique literary bar. Many cultural events are held at Aaliya’s Books, so don’t miss out on the chance to participate in an open discussion, show your singing skills or even take part in a theater workshop.


Photo – @aaliyasbooks


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