The weather is looking swell this weekend so take advantage of the outdoors with this selection of hikes around the country.


Photo: Krystel Riachi

When: 17 November
Where: West Bekaa

Lebanon has a rich history when it comes to wine production. Discover this ancient craft with a hike in the Bekaa organized by Vamos Todos.

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Photo – Vamos Todos

When: 17 November
Where: Ain Zhalta, Mount Lebanon

Reconnect with nature and stroll through one of the largest cedar reserves in Lebanon with Vamos Todos.

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Where: Baskinta, Mount Lebanon

Baskinta is a village that is rich in both landscapes as well as history. This Sunday, join High Kings as they show you around.

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Photo – Vamos Todos

When: 18 November
Where: Kawkaba, South Lebanon

Kawkaba is a village that holds significant religious importance, as its paths are believed to have been crossed by Christ.

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TANNOURINEWhen: 18 November
Where: Tannourine, North Lebanon

This Sunday, trek in Wadi el Matahen alongside Nahr el Joz on the Roman trails that were once explored by ancient civilizations with Dale Corazon.

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When: 18 November
Where: Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve, Mount Lebanon

Part of the UNESCO Network since 2009, the Jabal Moussa Biosphere spans numerous villages in the Keserwan District. Discover this natural beauty with Wild Explorers Lebanon.

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QAMOUAA FORESTWhen: 18 November
Where: Akkar, North Lebanon

The Qamouaa-Ozor forest is famous for being home to over 4,000 iron oak trees as well 100 types of wild flowers. This Sunday, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and discover this natural gem with High Kings.

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