8 Fun Farms You Can Visit in Lebanon

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There’s no better way to get close to nature than on the farm. So. if you’re looking for a fun farm adventure in Lebanon, here’s a selection of places you can visit. 



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Set across several acres of farmland, Al Haush is a family-run enterprise offering a holistic experience that blends a love for sustainable practices with a passion for the Bekaa Valley. The guesthouse pays tribute to simpler times, celebrating an authentic Bekaa lifestyle that combines a love of nature with a dedication to heritage and cultural diversity. While inspired by the design of a Mexican hacienda, Al Haush remains firmly rooted in Lebanese traditions. It offers a deeply personal experience that reflects the generosity of both the land and the family that created it.

Location: Bekaa Valley

For more information, call +961 76 884 474.



Animal Encounter is more than a wildlife sanctuary; it’s also an educational center dedicated to wildlife conservation in Lebanon. Hosting a diverse range of species, a visit to this sanctuary can provide you with valuable insights into the lives of its animal residents. It’s an ideal destination for learning about wildlife conservation while enjoying the natural beauty of Lebanon’s animal kingdom.

Location: Aley

For more information, call +961 3 667 354.



Prepare for an unforgettable animal adventure at Animal City, where a diverse array of species awaits. With opportunities to hold and pet some of the animals, this hands-on experience is not to be missed.

While you’re there, don’t forget to feed the animals along the way—it’s a rewarding experience for both them and you. Discover the wonders of the animal kingdom at Animal City, where adventure and discovery await.

Location: Zekrit

For more information, call +961 3 181 717.




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Escape the city and get a taste of the simple life at Farmville. Amid beautiful scenery known for its calming effect, you’ll be in the company of friendly farm animals eager to spend time with you.

To enhance the experience, savor authentic Lebanese food made from natural ingredients that will leave you craving more. Don’t miss this chance to relax and connect with nature at Farmville.

Location: Barouk 

For more information, call +961 76 711 811.




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Ferme Mar Chaaya, offers a serene escape to interact with farm animals and participate in traditional agricultural activities. Surrounded by lush greenery, it provides a picturesque setting ideal for nature walks and relaxation. This family-friendly destination is perfect for those seeking a peaceful rural experience.

Location: Broumana

For more information, call +961 70 158 466.




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The House of Lilies is a sustainable family farm and agritourism project dedicated to producing high-quality crops and animal products. Their mission is to provide year-round, locally sourced food, plants, and seeds using holistic principles. The farm grows both indigenous and exotic crops, promotes healthy lifestyles, and strengthens the local economy. They are experts in natural water ponds, which support biodiversity, provide water for bees and wildlife and fertilize irrigation water, creating a sustainable virtuous cycle.

Location: Tyre

For more information, call +961 3 268 339.



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Little Reed is a family house filled with beautiful memories. In the kitchen, local women prepare delicious dishes using their cherished family recipes.

Outdoors, the farm welcomes visitors to interact with animals, including goats and donkeys. Additionally, guests can enjoy a medium-level hike through the lush pine forests of Matn, which must be booked in advance.

Location: Qsaybe

For more information, call +961 76 007 300.



For a genuine farm experience that offers an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, visit Maaser Donkey Farm. Enjoy a tranquil village stay and immerse yourself in the authentic Lebanese farm life, surrounded by friendly farm animals.

It’s the perfect spot to leave behind the stresses of daily life and unwind in a serene rural environment. Don’t miss the chance to experience farm life at Maaser Donkey Farm.

Location: Maaser el Chouf

For more information, you can contact them on +961 3 919 914.


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