Inside Alpina, One of Lebanon’s Oldest Chocolate Shops

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Serving sweet memories comes naturally to Nadim Kronfol and his family. We uncover a chocolate-making legacy at Alpina, one of the oldest chocolate shops in Lebanon, and find out how this family-run business has stood the test of time.

What can you tell us about Alpina and how it all started?

Coming from a hard-working family, my father, Nabil, learned the importance of hard work and the value of integrity and ethics from a young age. He developed a passion for chocolate early on. After gaining experience in the industry, he started Alpina in 1971. Supported by my mother, they built a family business. Alpina became a name familiar in all households.  People of all ages enjoyed our chocolates at every occasion. The brand became part of many childhood memories. I was practically raised at the factory and spent hours at the flagship store. Unsurprisingly, I also caught the bug for savory quality chocolate and joined the family business. Together, we grew and opened other locations, as well as a sister factory in the UAE to serve the growing GCC market. Alpina franchises were also introduced in Saudi Arabia and the Ivory Coast.

How many products do you have and what are the best-selling items?

Alpina has hundreds of products, ranging from loose chocolates to dragées, gelato and sables. Our products cater to different taste buds and occasions. Of course, we use only the finest ingredients.

What have been the greatest milestones for the company?

Remaining in business for more than 52 years with all the challenges that we and other respective members of the community have faced is one of the most prominent milestones for Alpina. Doing so while maintaining our strict values and ethics toward our product and consumer is our greatest.

What challenges have you faced over the years?

We, like many others, have faced many challenges. It all began with the Lebanese civil war. Since then, we have been impacted by political turbulence, capital control, climate change, procurement of quality products, company structural change and much more. Yet, with a solid team and a great work ethic, we persevered and succeeded against the odds.


What are the ingredients to success?

Passion, loyalty, honesty, adaptability and solid roots.

What can customers look forward to at your iconic Hamra shop?

Visitors to Alpina can look forward to quality, consistency, the novelties, the gelatos including the real Belgian chocolate ones, and many new items to be released that are out of this world. As for the shop itself, our clients can always rest assured to be greeted with the same smile and feel of a traditional shop. But there will be a surprise in one of our branches very soon.


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