Al Falamanki Goes Even Greener

by LBTAdmin

Al Falamanki, Beirut’s much-loved restaurant chain, chose to mark its 10th anniversary by giving back to the community and focusing its efforts on minimizing plastic waste.

After partnering with Recycle Lebanon to learn about best practices and how to get started, the team dived into action. Cutting back on plastic in the restaurants was the first step and, almost immediately, the difference was apparent; it managed to shift 80 percent of its beverages into glass cups.

Four days of intensive training was attended by Al Falamanki’s 80 members of staff, which engaged and empowered everyone. The team was encouraged to sort waste for recycling, even in their own homes.

A total of 12 sorting bins were installed at Al Falamanki’s Sodeco and Raouche branches, which are being filled with plastic cups and bottles daily. Shisha tips are also being collected. Incredibly, one ton of plastic waste was collected during the first bulk pick-up and sent to local recycling facilities. Thanks to Al Falamanki’s and Recycle Lebanon’s dedicated teams, coordination and monitoring of the recycling is taking place continuously and there are even plans to take bigger steps in the future.

Further reinforcing its commitment to green issues, for a limited period Al Falamanki customers will be given a bag of pine seeds with instructions on how to plant them. Indeed, the terraces and gardens at the Sodeco and Raouche branches are tended to with such care that this gesture couldn’t be more fitting.




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