Offering locals and tourists the opportunity to enjoy warm hospitality in the heart of Bekaa, Travel blog Notes of a Traveler takes us on a tour around Al Haush.

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Al Haush started as an agriculture project after Salim Saab returned to Lebanon from Mexico in the 1920s.

As the Bekaa reminded him most of Mexico, with its expansive plains and beautiful landscapes surrounded by mountain chains, Saab invested in a piece of land and established his farm. It wasn’t long after that Al Haush became known as a pioneer agriculture project in the region, and the family’s summer residence for two generations.

A guesthouse with a difference

Today, with the same passion, Al Haush has opened its doors to the public, inviting them to enjoy an authentic journey in the heart of Bekaa. Renovating its barn area to accommodate five beautifully-designed and comfortable rooms, Al Haush offers its guests:

A pool area

A Bedouin corner

A mini agriculture “museum”

A farm

A beautiful terrace

Organic breakfast

Agriculture activities and workshops

There’s also plenty to do in the area for those looking to explore. Visitors can enjoy wine tasting at the numerous wineries, including Ksara, Nakad, Les Tourelles, Saint Thomas, Khoury and Kefraya, sightseeing in Anjar and Baalbeck and traditional Lebanese food at Casino Mhanna and Casino Arabi in Zahle, and at Tawlet in Ammiq.

For more information call +961 3 911110 or visit the Facebook page.


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