Best Brunches in Beirut

by LBTAdmin

Whether you like your brunch savory with eggs and bacon, or sweet with blueberry pancakes, it is an institution of the modern diet that is at once decadent, indulgent and totally awesome.

Thankfully, Beirut has stepped up its game in recent years, with more restaurants offering brunch options and new eateries dedicated solely to our favorite intermediate meal. Here are 10 eateries in Beirut that offer mouth-watering brunches.


Brunch-lebanon-travelerCantina Sociale

With great prices, good music and a relaxing atmosphere, Cantina Sociale is perfect for a brunch with your friends any day of the week. Though they specialize in wine, this self-service cantina is a great place to find some extra cheesy eggs on a mountain of avocado toast. Top it off with their international sangria just because you can.

+961 01 334 714

Breakfast-barn-lebanon-travelerThe Barn Beirut

This adorable and cozy spot specializes in healthy breakfasts, brought to you every day of the week. You can find everything from eggs and salmon to fruit smoothies and customizable yogurt bowls at affordable prices.

+961 01 449 902 


Bartartine is a French artisanal pastry with a lovely atmosphere. The bread section is excellent and features a wide variety of loaves and baguettes. If you’re looking for an affordable spot, you can be sure that Bartartine offers excellent value for money.

+961 01 200 221

the-beazbee-lebanon-travelerThe Beazbee

The Beazbee is an elegant restaurant that takes your ordinary brunch to a new level. Try their croque monsieur sunny-side up for a breakfast take on the French classic, or keep it simple with the classic pain au chocolat.

+961 01 748 755



Not many know that Gemmayze’s signature French restaurant doubles as a wickedly-good brunch spot every Saturday. They have an impressive selection of omelets, from the meaty to the cheesy, but their sugar dusted Belgium waffles are truly spectacular. Glazed to perfection, they take the Couqley breakfast to the next level and are a must try.

+961 81 912 904


For brunch, they serve a buffet that includes generous choice of bread, ham, cheese, croissant, muffin, sandwiches…Four different stations hosting bread on one, coffee and tea on the second, desserts on the third and cereals on the fourth all organized around the main island.
+961 71 545 411

Nî believes quality is everyone’s right and every meal has the potential to delight. That’s why only the finest ingredients are used and prepared to become eclectic dishes as a live sensation right before customers’ eyes. Breakfast/brunch is served as a buffet with a variety of delicious choices at a reasonable price.  

Villa 1920

Villa 1920 is set in a lush garden with charming and quaint atmosphere which sets the perfect tone for their brand new Brunch Society events. Complete with a guest DJ, brunch cocktails (hello, Prosecco and Bloody Marys…) and great food, Villa 1920 is turning up the volume on our favorite meal of the week.

+961 3 771 844