6 Places to Swim in Beirut

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When the hot weather comes to Beirut, it doesn’t mess around. The city air thickens with dense humidity and the unforgiving sun beats upon anyone brave enough to venture out during daylight hours.

During the year’s hottest months, Beirut’s crowds head en mass to the water. Luckily, you don’t have to go far to find refuge from the heat; the capital city hosts some of the country’s best spots for a refreshing and much needed dip. From budget to luxury, here are six places to try this weekend.

Hamra Urban Gardens Rooftop Pool

Hamra Urban Gardens Rooftop Pool

1. Hamra Urban Gardens Rooftop Pool

Rooftop pools are something of a gold mine in Lebanon, but finding one that doesn’t set you back last month’s pay is not easy. Thankfully, the newly opened Hamra Urban Gardens’ Pool D’Etat is here to provide Beirutis with an affordable option to cool down. Set on a garden-like rooftop with awesome city views, this pool is a great spot to escape the summer heat without going far.

Price: 10,000 LBP (weekdays) and 20,000 LBP (weekends)


Ramlet el Baida

Ramlet el Baida

2. Ramlet el Baida

It doesn’t get much more budget friendly than a trip to this public beach. Ramlet el Baida is a great place to take in some local vibes, whether its smoking a hookah on the water-front, or people watching while you tan on the sandy shore.

Price: Free!

Sporting Beach Club

Sporting Beach Club

3. Sporting Beach Club

It doesn’t get much more classic than Sporting. Generations on generations of Beirutis have been enjoying this Beirut landmark that has been around for more than 60 years. By the looks of its largely dilapidated décor, Sporting hasn’t renovated much since then and we wouldn’t want it any other way. From the crumbling concrete to the chipping paint, it is a refreshing escape from the posh resorts that have taken over Lebanon.

Price: 30,000 LBP


Warwick Palm Beach Hotel

Warwick Palm Beach Hotel

4. Warwick Palm Beach Hotel

The Warwick Palm Beach Hotel is a beautiful oasis in the Beirut metropolis. Their pool overlooks the ocean and cushioned poolside chairs provide the ideal spot to perfect your summer glow. The Warwick pool is a great way to enjoy a luxurious summery day just in the city.

Price: 30,000 LBP (weekdays) and 38,000 LBP (weekends)

Madame Bleu

Madame Bleu

5. Madame Bleu

If you are searching for luxury, look no further than Madame Bleu in Ain el Mreisseh. Their pool and patio radiate elegance that has attracted Beirut crowds en masse. The Madame Bleu pool is equipped with lawn chairs, beds, and a full lunch menu. Reservations are required for entrance.

Price: 40,000 LBP (weekdays) and 55,000 LBP (weekends)


Phoenicia Intercontinental

Phoenicia Intercontinental

6. Phoenicia Intercontinental

The Améthyste pool at the Phoenicia is the perfect place to chill out and soak in the top-notch service Beirut is famous for. The pool is nothing short of spectacular and the staff is on call to make sure your every need is being met.

Price: 90,000 LBP



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