With 18 different religious communities in Lebanon, religious icons, monuments and sites dot its lands. Tannourine counts more than 26 religious sites including the Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great in Wata Houb and Saydet Harissa and the Crusader Church of Mar Challita in Tannourine Fawka, where the Saint is honored at an annual feast on August 20.

Tannourine is rich in rocky chapel caves like the Qadisha Valley’s Hermitage of Saint Serge with the remains of medieval frescos in Wata Houb. There is Saydet El Bzaz (Our Lady of the Breast) or Saydet El Chir (Our Lady of the Cliff), the Convent of Mar Doumit and the monastery in the middle of the cliff of Mar Yaacoub (Saint Jacques) in Tannourine Tahta, only accessible to cavers and climbers. NEOS (03 733818, neoslb.com) can arrange tours to Lebanon’s religious sites.


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