Art in Zanzoun

Art in Zanzoun

It’s no secret that Beirut’s heritage homes are slowly disappearing, taking with them an essential part of the city’s, and country’s, rich history. Tucked in one of Mar Mikhael’s quiet streets is Zanzoun, a recently restored traditional Lebanese home and L’Hôte Libanais’s most recent addition in Beirut, celebrating the Levant with its meticulous decor, chosen by the owner Zeina.

Beauty of Zanzoun

Beauty of Zanzoun

Lover of the Orient, Zeina made her home a celebration of the art and history that makes the region so unique. The guesthouse comprises three rooms, decorated with a mix of modern and antique items, rich and warm colors that reflect, in many ways, Beirut’s vibrant soul. The home’s understated elegance is complemented by the quietude of its courtyard where guests can relax, read a book, and take in the unexpected calm of this enclave in the heart of busy Beirut. This juxtaposition of sound, color and history is what makes homes like Zanzoun so rare and special.

What to do

The guesthouse, located just off one of Beirut’s most vibrant streets in Mar Mikhael, has plenty of restaurants, bars and art galleries nearby to explore. Just a stone’s throw from Zanzoun is Kalei Coffee, a specialty coffeeshop and restaurant with a lovely outdoor space. For those looking for a delicious bite to eat, Tawlet Beirut, the farm-to-table restaurant in the city, is a five-minute walk from Zanzoun.

Rooms at Zanzoun start at 180,000 LBP (120 USD) per night.

Photos by: Paul Gorra
Text by: Reem Joudi


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