Mini Guide to Anfeh

by LBTAdmin

Anfeh is a town in the northern governorate of Lebanon and is known to many as “Little Greece” due to the small coves with blue and white chalets that dot its coast. It is not a town that one merely passes through; it is a place so firmly rooted in its history that it becomes endearing, almost magnetic. It is a famous destination for summer and relaxation!


Photo – Theodor Bafitos

Getting There

Anfeh is located in North Lebanon, about an hour and a half from Beirut. It is accessed by the Beirut-Tripoli highway and can also be reached by the old coastal road.

What to Do

Walk Around

Nothing is more pleasant than to walk around Anfeh to discover the town’s hidden gems, including Our Lady of the Wind Church, with its recently restored 12th-century paintings. You can also visit the impressive remains of the crossed citadel, destroyed by the Mamluks.

Salt Marshes

Daughter of the wind and sea, Anfeh was destined to become a capital of salt, or of “white gold.” Its famous salt marshes can be admired on the grounds of Our Lady Saydet El Natour Convent in the far north of the town. As an extension of the sea, sparkling with a thousand lights, these traditional structures mark the landscape with a beauty of their own.



Photo – Lisa Jerejian


Little Greece

For many years now, Lebanese and foreigners have fallen in love with its small coves and blue and white chalets where you can rent a chair and a parasol and spend the day eating in tiny restaurants, go swimming and diving or have a few cocktails while people-watching.

Where to Eat

Seafood is a must to try there since it is located on the coast and there are multiple restaurants there that cook the best types of food fresh right from its sea.


Photo – Lisa Jerejian

Several charming restaurants can be found in Anfeh, such as the famous Gergi El Dayha (+961 3 127693) near the port, Al Baydar (+961 6 542942), Al Hara Al Sharkiya (+961 6 545532), Wassim Aal Baher (+961 70 180124) and Chez Fouad (+961 70 830117).

Where to Sleep


Photo – Marsē

There are three guesthouses in Anfeh:

For those looking for a property with plenty of facilities, the four-star Las Salinas (+961 6 540970) offers a plethora of leisure activities, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a health club, and a kids’ play area.



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