Mini Guide to Qartaba

by LBTAdmin

Known for its mild climate, religious sites, hills and green valleys, Qartaba is a true mountain idyll. One look and you’ll see why it’s easy to fall for the charm of this serene village.

Getting There

Qartaba is located 58km north of Beirut. It is possible to reach the village via Laqlouq. Take the highway north out of Beirut and head towards Nahr Ibrahim. The road will take you through Aalita, Fatre and Souwane, until you arrive in Qartaba.

What to Do

Churches and Convents

With around a dozen Maronite churches and several chapels dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the saints, Qartaba is a must for those interested in religious tourism. The village is home to Saint Sarkis and Saint Bakhos, considered the first official convent of the Lebanese Maronite Order in the Byblos district.

Blue Wine Tasting

In the neighboring village of Mghayre you’ll find Château Wadih, the only producer of blue wine in the Middle East. Made from white wine, its blue color is drawn from the skin of black grapes by electrophoresis. Take a tour of the winery and enjoy a different kind of wine tasting experience. +961 76 403407


Qartaba’s captivating landscapes provide ample hiking opportunities. Numerous hiking trails meander through wooded areas and fruit orchards exposing pretty red-roofed stone houses along the way. You can join a guided hike with a specialist.

Where to Eat

You can find several snack bars and bakeries in the main square, such as the Fornetti sidewalk café (+961 9 407001).

Where to Sleep

Ecovillage Marine’s Jungle

Located along the banks of Nahr Ibrahim near Qartaba, Marine’s Jungle (+961 3 626169) is your quintessential eco-village. The accommodation comprises tents and wooden bungalows that can host up to five people. On site, guests can enjoy a number of fun daytime activities, including basketball, volleyball and table tennis.

Hotel Rivoli

Located near the hospital, this family-run hotel offers simple but comfortable rooms with private bathrooms in a traditional house. There is also a restaurant serving breakfast. +961 3 731032 / 9 405002


If camping is more your thing, this campsite offers a truly eye-opening experience with outstanding views to help you disconnect from everyday life. +961 71 558997


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