Exploring the New Geotrails in Lebanon

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Lebanon, a country rich in history and culture, is unveiling another layer of its treasures through the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA). The LMTA is not just creating hiking paths; it is weaving a narrative of geological wonders that span epochs, inviting us to explore the Earth’s stories etched in Lebanon’s landscape.

What are Geotrails?

Geotrails offer a unique experience that transcends traditional hiking. These trails take nature enthusiasts and hikers on a journey through time, revealing the geological processes that have shaped Lebanon’s terrain. Each step uncovers elements of geodiversity, from fossils and geological structures to karst landscapes and hydrogeology. Omar Sakr, executive director of LMTA, says: “Understanding the geology of our mountains is changing the whole experience of hiking.”

The unique charm of Geotrails

Geotrails celebrate:

  • Lebanon’s rich heritage: showcasing the country’s extensive geological history.
  • Geological marvels: highlighting natural wonders such as fossils, volcanic formations, and tectonic structures.
  • Cultural and natural dimensions: Integrating the cultural narratives and natural beauty of Lebanon.

Lebanon’s geological timeline spans millions of years, offering a plethora of fascinating phenomena. Currently, the LMTA has focused on making these trails accessible in Jbeil, ensuring they cater to both casual weekend hikers and adventurous explorers. This approach also aims to foster educational tourism, enriching the hiking experience with knowledge and discovery.

What’s next?

The excitement doesn’t stop in Jbeil. LMTA will launch new Geotrails in Akkar, expanding their legacy of exploration and education. These thematic trails are designed to ignite curiosity and encourage hikers to delve into Lebanon’s natural treasures.

The LMTA’s mission is to promote Lebanon’s natural and cultural heritage by developing and maintaining the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT). They aim to create a sustainable and interconnected trail system across Lebanon’s mountain ranges and communities. Each new trail blazed brings Lebanon’s geological wonders to light, ready to inspire and showcase the hidden beauty of our homeland.

For those interested in exploring the Jbeil geotrails, click here or visit the LMTA office for brochures and maps of the trail.

Join LMTA in celebrating the unveiling of Lebanon’s geotrails and embark on a journey through the geological wonders that lie beneath our feet.

Article written by: Ranwa Imad (LMTA)


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