Great Hiking Trails in Keserwan

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Discover the captivating hiking trails of Keserwan, where nature’s beauty and cultural significance intertwine. As USAID’s Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project is working to raise the profile of the district and improve its tourism offering, join us as we go on a hiking adventure in Keserwan.

Sentier des Sources Trail

Located in the valley of Kfour, Sentier des Sources hiking trail offers two captivating loops, each revealing a unique facet of Lebanon’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. The Southern Loop, starting at Ain Breich, is a moderate 4.8 km journey that leads you through Roman stairs and a lush water stream, past the historical silk factory and into the heart of the Kfour village. Meanwhile, the easy Northern Loop, commencing at Yatoun entrance, weaves through quaint villages, including Saint Charbel and Sister Barabia old Church, making for an ideal family-friendly adventure. The Moon’s Trail, a 4.7 km route, further beckons you to explore the wonders of Kfour.

Jabal Moussa Trail

Explore the enchanting Jabal Moussa hiking trails, ranging from easy strolls to challenging adventures. Discover immaculately preserved Roman heritage on Trail A and ancient water reservoirs on Trail B. For more moderate hikes, embrace open forests and breathtaking vistas on Trails A, B, C and D. Daring adventurers can tackle difficult trails, leading to panoramic views and historical sites. Experience rich biodiversity, abundant flora and breathtaking landscapes while hiking through the captivating Jabal Moussa trails, suitable for all levels of hikers.

Wadi al Salib Trail

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Wadi al Salib Trail, a medium-level hiking adventure that spans 4.2 kilometers and takes approximately two hours to complete. This scenic journey begins at the Sentier de la Rivière entrance in Kleiaat, near the Saint George Church road, and descends through picturesque landscapes, retracing an ancient historic road until you reach the Saint Rafqa exit. Along the way, you’ll pass over the Ottoman bridge, offering a glimpse of an old watermill, and have the opportunity to explore the Old Village and the Saint Peter and Paul church. With various guesthouses nearby, including La Vie à l’Ancienne, Wild Cats, Escape to Nature and Auberge Beity, you can make the most of this enchanting hiking experience in Wadi al Salib.

Darb el Sama Trail

Begin a three-kilometer spiritual and scenic journey along the Darb el Sama hiking trail, starting from the old Monastery of St. George in Sahel Alma. The hike is suitable for hikers as young as 10. This moderate trail encourages silence, respect for others and environmental preservation. It features significant stops such as the Monastery of Our Lady of the Annunciation, the Monastery of Saint Anthony the Bedouin in Harissa and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lebanon. The Darbessama Foundation maintains this historic pilgrimage route, creating a unique blend of nature and spirituality for a memorable hiking experience.

Darb el Ghineh Trail

Ghineh is a picturesque village in Keserwan, 36 km north of Beirut. It is known for its rich history and stunning coastal views. The village’s name holds various interpretations, including Phoenician ties to the legend of Adonis, Aramaic meaning of a conserved reserve and associations with its wealth and advanced agriculture. The hiking trail begins at the old Saint George Monastery and meanders past intriguing sites like Yatoun, the Rock of Adonis, Kabaal Church, Amber Forest and Aayn Kabaal’s mineral-rich spring, contributing to its historical significance and natural beauty.

Chahtoul Trail

Discover Chahtoul’s hiking trail, which includes 14 interesting sites. Start your journey at Saidet Al Kalaa Church and continue past historical landmarks, namely a grape press, Francis Kallasy ruins, Jouret Mulberry and Zakhour Ruins. You’ll unravel tales of ancient houses, Turkish history and unique architecture. Explore the importance of the grape press, awad threshing floor, tannour and learn about the renowned poet May Ziadeh. Witness the historical significance of Saint Joseph Church and the dwindling Mulberry tree. Spot the rare juniperus trees at the village’s peak, uncover the significance of the water well and learn about the charcoal threshing floor’s role in producing charcoal.

Horsh Hiyata Trail

This historic hiking trail in Hiyata, Keserwan, offers a captivating journey through time and nature. The trail, adorned with signs sharing tales of the village’s past, leads adventurers past remarkable sites, like the Church of Saint Antonios the Great and the mystical “Keled” water source. Visitors can explore the rich heritage of a community known for its grape harvests and enduring spirit, with stops at sites like Our Lady of the Rocks and various threshing floors. The hike also unveils the fascinating history of a village that faced adversity and thrived against the odds.


For more information regarding these trails, contact the Keserwan DMO office on +961 81 121 171.

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