The Magic Behind Hilmi’s Legendary Lemonade

by Maria Frangieh

At Hilmi’s, every sip tells a tale. From the inspiring individuals behind the beloved brand to its intriguing story, we share the magic that makes Hilmi’s lemonade the legendary spot it is today.

Hilmi’s lemonade (+961 70 173 036) is known for crafting refreshing and flavorful lemonades made from the finest ingredients. With its two branches — a shop located in the heart of Batroun and a kiosk on the Batroun – Byblos Highway — the brand’s dedication to quality and passion for creating unique lemonade concoctions have made it a popular destination for locals and tourists seeking a zesty and invigorating beverage to beat the summer heat.

People behind Hilmi’s

Rana, Farah, and Nour Hilmi, three sisters with a dream to become the all-time lemonade legends. Together, they worked passionately, each understanding the significance of their role in the company’s success.

 A legacy unveiled

The roots of this family business trace back to 1888, when the girls’ great-grandfather was the first to make and sell lemonade in Batroun. The lemonade legacy continued as Hilmi’s son opened “Chez Hilmi” in 1962, gaining fame as Hilmi’s lemonade. The shop was later awarded the National Order of Cedars for its contribution to raising Lebanon’s image.

In 2016, the three sisters decided to continue the business and show the world the true essence of Hilmi’s lemonade.

Over the years, this brand has evolved, starting with a pit stop kiosk on the highway. In 2017, they opened the renowned Hilmi’s House of Lemonade, along with the world’s first Hilmi’s Lemonade Museum. Tourists from all corners of the globe came to taste the best lemonade and numerous TV programs featured their success story.

Labor of love

The choice of lemonade as Hilmi’s flagship product goes beyond mere preference. Lemonade is at the heart of the family’s heritage and an art they have mastered. It brings them immense joy, and they believe it is unique among all other juices. The taste of Hilmi’s lemonade evokes nostalgia, a feeling the girls wanted to share with the world.

Sourcing the best quality lemons from all over Lebanon ensures that every sip of Hilmi’s is an explosion of flavor.

Hilmi's-lemonade-lebanon-traveler-tourismSecrets of growth

Hilmi’s lemonade achieved unparalleled success due to several factors. Commitment to offering great taste and quality, along with strong values, created a unique brand that customers adore. The iconic lemonade recipe and a genuine love for the product shone through every cup they served.

The brand’s popularity skyrocketed, fueled by the unwavering love, respect and loyalty customers have for Hilmi’s. The trust they built with their customers, together with outstanding feedback from visitors, contributed to their remarkable growth.

Tale of joyful success

The story of Hilmi’s lemonade is one of passion, determination and love for the craft. Rana, Farah, and Nour Hilmi have not only continued their family’s lemonade legacy but have also created a landmark in Batroun and a brand loved by people worldwide.


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