Lebanon’s charm lies not only in its well-known attractions but also in the hidden gems and unique journeys it offers. Prepare to be transported to a world full of surprises, where each experience promises to be truly one of a kind.

1. Rewind those Santorini vibes with a stay at El Mayan Cave, Rocca Island

Overlooking the azure Mediterranean waters, El Mayan cave promises to be your unique accommodation that offers a blend of modern comfort and traditional architecture, making it an ideal spot for a one of a kind experience in Chekka. With its unique rock formations, this cave accommodation boasts stunning views of the sea, while its white-washed architecture and cozy interiors create an ambience of serenity and luxury.

2. Chill out in the heart of nature at Lumberyard and experience a new way to dine

For a dining experience like no other, visit Lumberyard, a serene retreat nestled in nature’s embrace. Dine amid the trees, surround yourself by the tranquility of nature, enjoy a mesmerizing bonfire, play your favorite board games… in three words: escape the ordinary!

3. Visit Paris while in Trocadero
Imagine admiring the iconic Eiffel Tower while also soaking up the sights and sounds of the sea. Trocadero in Jounieh Bay allows you to immerse yourself in the essence of Paris without leaving Lebanon’s shores!
The fusion of Parisian elegance and Lebanese beauty makes for an unforgettable experience where you can savor French cuisine while admiring the magnificent view.


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4. Take a wellness journey at Scappa Resort, where you’ll feel like you’re in Asia

At Scappa Resort, you can benefit from Asian-inspired spa sessions, scenic views and so much more.

Pamper yourself with rejuvenating treatments that will make you forget you’re in Lebanon!

5. Go on a safari adventure at Jroud Aaqoura

If you thought you needed to leave the country to go on safari, you can think again! Jroud Aaqoura promises guests the ultimate safari experience, unveiling the best of Lebanon’s treasures!

Get the chance to travel through the valleys, beyond the lakes and discover hidden caves and grottos…

6. Swim in the Chouwen Lake

Surrounded by towering mountains, the Chouwen Lake is an emerald gem that offers a refreshing and unique experience for visitors. Dip into the crystal-clear waters and take in the breathtaking views!


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7. Enjoy a picnic and go camping at River Zen

From picnics to sunset gazing, River Zen holds the key to a day or night that’s as soothing as it is memorable!

If you’re ready to extend the magic, River Zen presents lodging options that range from camping to settling into private, cozy cabins and even treehouses that will turn childhood dreams into reality.

8. Head to a zipline ride at Mzaar Ski Resort

Adrenaline junkies can head to Mzaar Ski Resort for an unforgettable zipline ride that’ll take you high above the ground for a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.


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9. Soak up the sunset views from the Bevview’s Vangalows

Perched high on the hills, Bevview’s Vangalows offer panoramic vistas. The sunset is truly spectacular.


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10. Experience the big swing and admire the views of Jabal Al Arba’in, Dennieh

Take a ride on the big high swing and feel the rush as you soar over picturesque landscapes at Jabal Al Arba’in, North Lebanon.


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