Whether you’re a local looking to explore the country or a foreigner planning a memorable trip, there are innumerable adventures to be had in Lebanon. Here are 12 of our top picks. 

1- Swimming in Naqoura

Located two hours south of Beirut, Naqoura is one of our favorite coastal destinations. It boasts crystal-clear water, rugged scenery and, best of all, few tourists. Flanked by limestone rocks, daredevils can look forward to cliff jumping.

Visitors, foreigners and locals alike, are required to show identification as they enter Naqoura, so don’t forget to take an ID card/passport with you!


Photo – @livehasbayalove


2- Paragliding in the Cedars of God

With spectacular mountains, a temperate climate and breathtaking views, Lebanon was made for paragliding, especially the northern town of Bcharri. So whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, get your adrenaline pumping and admire the country from one of the Middle East’s highest peaks.


Photo – @cedarsparagliding


3- Hiking in the Qadisha Valley

Hidden grottos and waterfalls are just a couple of the treasures you’ll find as you hike through the Qadisha Valley. Despite being moderately difficult, hiking in this area is popular for good reason, with pine, fig and olive trees all around.


Photo – @liveloveqadisha


4-  Exploring the Saida Souks

A maze of wonder, Saida’s old souks will keep you enthralled for hours. From magical scents to local delicacies, there’s something to suit all tastes. Make sure you take a tour of the Debbane Palace and the Audi Soap Museum during your visit.


Photo – @lebanontraveler


5-  Enjoying the Beirut nightlife

You can be sure that the effervescent Lebanese capital will spoil after dark. Whether you want to bar hop in Mar Mikhael or dance all night at one of the city’s clubs, there’s no place like Beirut.


Photo – @spinebeirut


6- Camping in Ainata el Arez

The community of Ainata el Arez takes great pride in protecting its environment, which is characterized by multicolored fields and orchards. Enjoy the uphill hike to the Ainata spring, Lebanon’s highest, and then spend the night camping in the heart of nature.


Photo – @liveloveainataelarez


7-  Visiting bars at sunset

Combine mouthwatering drinks with breathtaking sunsets and great company. Check out our list of 63 stunning sunset bars and terraces to soak up some outstanding views.


Photo – @bolerobatroun


8- Going for a wild adventure in Qornet el Sawda

At a remarkable 3,088m above sea level, Qornet el Sawda is the highest peak in the Middle East. It’s a six-hour hike to the summit, so you can imagine how spectacular the view is. Just remember that due to the lack of vegetation, there is no shade to protect you from the blazing sun.


Photo – @alaintawil

9- Taking a food tour in Tripoli

Tripolitans are known for their hospitality and delicious food! Start your day with breakfast at Akra (+961 6 438 500), with a classic bowl foul, then head to Shawarma Abou Sobhi (+961 6 433 720) for lunch, where the hardest decision is whether to have chicken or meat! End your day in style by visiting the legendary Hallab and Qasr el Helou for their amazing Arabic sweets and knefe, which can be served in a standard bun, a croissant or even with chocolate!


Photo – @arhallab1881


10- Admiring the Cedars of Barouk

Barouk has some of the oldest cedars in the world, not to mention one of Lebanon’s largest nature reserves, which is home to over a million cedar trees. Moreover, approximately 200 bird and 500 plant species can be found in the reserve, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers.


Photo – @jessyghamra



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