5 Ultimate Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

by LBTAdmin

Lebanon has some of the best sites for camping; its vast areas of natural beauty, captivating beaches and rivers, and cloud-hidden mountains make any camping experience one for the bucket list. 


Photo – Haig

As camping in the wild can be a challenging for beginners, here are five important thing that we’ve identified, with the help of Aly Sayed, to help you make your trip a memorable, drama-free one.

1- Make Early Decisions


Photo – The Stray Compass

Setting up your camp starts with choosing the perfect location. Make sure to do your research beforehand. Don’t waste precious daylight hours by debating the ideal spot.

Bonus tip: Find a spot that’s close to running water.

2- Pack Right


Photo – Yorgo Bou Fayad

Choose your gear based on your mode of transport, the location and the amount of time you’ll be camping. Inflatable pillows, sleeping bags, rags, knives, cooking tools are critical. However, be mindful about the weight of what you’re carrying, especially if you are planning a long hike.

Bonus tip: Regardless of the weather, always pack extra layers of clothing.

3- Keep Animals Away


Photo – Mike Ayyoub

Animals are part of nature, so you might experience an unwanted visitor from time to time. However, it is best not to draw attention to your campsite and practice safety measures. Start by setting up your tent in an open area where everything is in clear view. During snack time, prepare your meals outside of your tent zone in order to avoid any lingering smell. Make sure to also tightly pack away the leftovers.

Bonus tip: Unnatural smells, such as deodorants or soaps, can also attract wild animals.

4- Guard Your Tent


Photo – Sara Eldana

Tent fabrics tend to be fire resistant, but that does not mean they will not catch fire. In other words, they are not fireproof. It’s imperative that you keep open flames, such as campfires, away from your tent.

Bonus tip: Rather than fuel operated tools, opt for battery powered for safety.

5- Leave No Trace


Photo – Nizar Marroush

Enjoy camping responsibly. Don’t leave behind any trash; exit as you entered. If there’s no on-site garbage disposal, take it with you and dispose of it on your way home.

Bonus tip: By leaving excess packaging at home, you can limit the amount of trash you end up with.


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