Lebanon has always been admired for its great food, but are you ready to discover the country like a true foodie? Come with us to discover six destinations that’ll send your taste buds into a glorious frenzy. 


1- Tripoli

Tripolitans are known for their warm hospitality and delicious food. Among other specialties, this northern city is famous for its sfiha Traboulsiye, a mincemeat pie that tastes like heaven. 

Where to go:

Start your day with a plate of protein-rich foul at Akra (+961 6 438 500). When you’re ready for the next round, find your way to Abou Sobhi (+961 6 433 720), a spot with excellent service and unrivalled shawarma. Craving some moghrabieh? Then, Malak El Moghrabieh (+961 6 210 105) should be on your list. Delight yourself with a serving of this delicious dish that tastes just like home. End your day with some Arabic delights, such as knefe, bakhlava and sweets stuffed with ashta, at the legendary Hallab 1881. Aptly named “Kasr el Helou,” you’ll certainly be feeling like royalty.


Photo – @abousobhi_shawarma


2- Saida

Saida’s food relies mainly on fish and citrus. What’s greater than their fresh seafood, is the amazing waterfront view you get to watch while having your meal! 

Where to go:

Saida Rest House (+961 7 722 469) is a seafood restaurant serving typical Lebanese mezze. Enjoy your food with an uninterrupted view of the famous Sea Castle.  Similarly, Captain Seafood Restaurant (+961 7 990 769) serves seafood, Lebanese food and sushi right by the sea. For something equally traditional, head to Al Mokhtar (+961 3 434 855) for a rich selection of Lebanese mezze while you listen to Arabic music. Where else will you get the best desserts other than Al Baba Sweets (+961 71 455 733) in Saida? They offer everything from Arabic pastries to ice cream.


Photo – Captain Seafood Restaurant

3- Beirut

Beirut is where you can find it all. With a constant flow of new restaurants, there is always something new to try! 

Where to go:

Declared as one of the best breakfast spots in the world by CNN and one of the oldest spots in the city, Al Soussi’s authentic breakfast (+961 1 312 145) won’t leave you hungry. Boubouffe (+961 1 334 040) is the place to go when you’re craving a juicy shawarma sandwich. Hajj Nasr (+961 1 330 071) offers authentic mezze and sandwiches every day. Falafel Sahyoun (+961 70 225 995) has been serving up crispy falafel sandwiches for decades. Watch the masters in action as they fry falafel balls in boiling oil and stuff all kinds of delicious ingredients in your sandwich. Just be warned, you’ll probably want seconds! Cool down at Hanna Mitri (+961 1 322 723), one of Beirut’s most well-known ice-cream shops. There’s literally every flavor on offer, so choose wisely!


photo – @mansourieh.elmatn

4- Ehden

You can’t talk about Ehden without talking about kibbeh. From raw to kibbe kras, you can find it in more ways than you imagined; it’s this region’s specialty!

Where to go:

Breakfast at Furn Emm Awtel (+961 70 124 604) is a must. Established almost 40 years ago, it has maintained its high standard. El Ferdaws (+961 6 560 444) is perhaps the oldest and most frequented restaurant in Ehden. Indulge in a big spread of Lebanese favorites and sip on some arak for a meal you won’t forget! If you’re in the mood for traditional or international food, or maybe both, go to Ehden Resto Café (+961 76 141 486) for a meal right in the heart of nature. For a sweet treat, nothing compares to a hot and creamy sahlab at Ayrouth Cafe (+961 3 383 884) .


Photo – @alferdawsehden


5- Zahle

Recognized as a City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, Zahle promises visitors a food adventure of epic proportions. Before you leave, make sure you try the mechtah bread and the erben, made from sugar, rose water and mahleb. 

Where to go:

Casino Arabi (+961 8 821 214) is always a great choice for lunch. Sit by the river for a relaxing lunch under the shade of the trees. For a sweet treat, visit Khalaf and Abou Sleiman (+961 8 823 733). The shop is famous for its traditional Lebanese ice cream. Topped with crunchy pistachio, you can never go wrong with the ashta option. Zahle is also home to Coteaux du Liban (+961 8 930 700), a quaint family-run winery. Watch the winemaking process firsthand and taste some of the house specialties.


Photo – Hadia Gh


6- Anjar

Anjar is a treasure trove of history, culture and awesome food. Nestled in an idyllic part of the Bekaa Valley, revered for its fertile land, the region’s produce is second to none, so be prepared for some serious eating.

Where to go:

You’re guaranteed to be spoiled at Koko Bakery (+961 8 620 563), a family-run gem located just off Anjar’s main boulevard. Here, giant manouche is prepared with love. Our top tip is to share, as the portions really are enormous! Upon entering Anjar, you will be astounded by the size of Al Shams (+961 8 620 567), a restaurant that serves some of the best Lebanese and Armenian dishes you can find. Make sure you order the balloon potatoes.  Al Jazira is another wonderful spot in Anjar. Eat your heart out next to the river and then rent one of the pedal boats for a soothing ride on the water.


Photo – @alshamsrestaurant


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