20 Things to Do in Beirut

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Beirut is a city of discovery; and there’s never been a better time to get under the skin of the capital. With the support of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, we highlight 20 of the top things to do.

beirut-lebanon-travelerArt & Culture

beirut-art-lebanon-travelerAdmire Art

Beirut is known as the art hub of the Middle East, and for good reason. The city plays host to countless galleries and art spaces showcasing the works of local and regional talents. Some of the city’s galleries and art venues include:

beirut-museum-lebanon-travelerVisit a Museum

Various civilizations have conquered Lebanon over the course of history, evidenced in the city’s museums. Besides the Beirut National Museum, which boasts a rich collection of ancient artifacts, there are many other museums waiting to be explored.

beirut-theater-lebanon-travelerWatch a Play

Culture vultures will be pleased to hear that there are plenty of theaters in Beirut to enjoy various plays, from original performances to international shows. The Madina Theater (+961 1 753 011) and Teatro Verdun (+961 1 800 003) are highly regarded for organizing a wide selection of plays and musical concerts.

beirut-antique-lebanon-travelerBuy Traditional Handicrafts

Basta, located next to Downtown, is known to most as Beirut’s antique district. It is filled with small-scale shops and markets full of interesting collectibles and hidden treasures. If you’re looking for souvenirs and upscale crafts made in Lebanon, head to Orient 499 (orient499.com), L’Artisan du Liban (lartisanduliban.com) or one of the other well-known artisan boutiques.

Sightseeing & Adventure


Photo – T’s Worldtour

Go on a Walking Tour

The best way to better appreciate Beirut’s history is by taking a casual walk throughout its streets. There are many landmarks to see as you wander around, such as the Roman Baths and Martyrs’ Square in Downtown. For a local guide, contact the Lebanese Tourist Guide Syndicate (+961 1 387 045).

beirut-bus-lebanon-travelerTake the Sightseeing Bus

Believe it or not, the world-famous double decker City Sightseeing Bus is available in Beirut. The tour includes 15 stops at iconic landmarks, including the Saint Nicolas Stairs in Gemmayze and Pigeon Rocks in Raouche. Visit city-sightseeing.com for more details.

bourj-hammoud-beirut-lebanon-travelerWander Around Bourj Hammoud

Bourj Hammoud is a must for tourists and locals. Throughout recent history, Armenians have made a notable impression on Lebanese culture, and that can be seen in this district. Wander around the streets, try some local food specialties, like basterma at Mano (+961 1 250 052 / +961 1  268 560) and lahm baajin at Ghazar Bakery (+961 1 242 708), and do some shopping at the spice market and the famous jewelry souk.


Photo – Pia Abboud

Discover Ouzville

Ouzai was — and, in some ways, still is — the underprivileged and neglected neighborhood of Beirut. That was until Ouzai-native Ayad Nasser took matters into his own hands and launched the Ouzville initiative, which involved repainting the run-down neighborhood that no-one dared to visit. Now, the area has been transformed into a sustainable environment. See for yourself by contacting Pia Abboud (+961 3 126 977).

beirut-hamra-lebanon-travelerStroll Through Hamra

Home to the American University of Beirut and the stunning murals of Yazan Halawani, Hamra buzzes with a life of its own. If you get the chance, visit the neighborhood at different times of day and witness how the crowd goes from warmhearted elders playing backgammon to laidback youngsters meeting for drinks. Stroll along the famous thoroughfares of Hamra Street and Bliss Street, and meander through the maze of interconnecting roads to feel the spirit of Hamra.

beirut-lebanon-travelerGet on a Bike

If you’re looking for a more immersive way to travel around the city and discover its landmarks, rent a bike from Beirut by Bike (+961 3 435 524) at Beirut Waterfront, Cyclo Sport (+961 1 446 792) or The Bike Kitchen (+961 3 126 675) at ABC Mall in Achrafieh.

beirut-hippodorme-lebanon-travelerVisit the Hippodrome

Built during the Ottoman rule, the Beirut Hippodrome (also known as Beirut Horse Tracks) is one of the largest remaining green areas in the capital. To get the full experience, visit this place on Sunday to watch the horse racing.

corniche-beirut-lebanon-travelerJog Along the Corniche

Do some exercise while admiring the beauty of the Mediterranean by going for a jog along the seafront promenade. Start your journey at Ain el Mreisseh and end at Raouche with a view overlooking Pigeon Rocks; just be aware you’ll have an uphill challenge before you complete the four-kilometer adventure!

Food & Drink

coffee-culture-beirut-lebanon-travelerSoak Up the Coffee Culture

Coffee plays an important role in Lebanese culture; it not only brings people together, but it is also used as a means of telling fortunes. Open in Hamra since 1935, Café Younes (+961 1 750 975) is one of Lebanon’s oldest coffee shops. Located in Gemmayze, Sip (+961 1 567 569) is a fantastic place to unwind and enjoy a cup of specialty coffee. Lebanon also has its fair share of local micro-roasteries; some examples include Suz’ Coffee Bar (+961 1 981 819) and Kalei Coffee Co. (+961 3 780 342).


Photo – Rayan Badaoui

Enjoy Authentic Mezze

You haven’t visited Beirut — or anywhere in Lebanon, for that matter — until you’ve tried the local cuisine. Every region has its own specialties, and Beirut is no exception. Head to Em Sherif (+961 70 919 119), Abdel Wahab (+961 1 200 550),
Babel Bay (+961 1 370 846), Leila Restaurant (+961 1 371 517), Café Badaro (+961 3 602 674) or Diwan Al Sultan (+961 1 565 757) for a feast of epic proportions.

street-food-lebanon-travelerSample Lebanese Street Food

Wherever you are in Beirut, you’re bound to stumble across a casual eatery serving Lebanese street food. Satisfy your taste buds and enjoy a mouthwatering falafel sandwich at Sandwich w Noss (1248), a manouche at Super Snack El Kbeer (+961 1 565656) and a juicy shawarma at Malak al Tawouk (1592).

lebanese-breakfast-lebanon-travelerHave Breakfast With a View

Given its location, Beirut boasts stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Breakfast at Hotel Albergo (+961 1 339 797), Al Falamanki Raouche (+961 1 808 011), Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort (+961 1 858 000), Mövenpick Hotel Beirut (+961 1 869 666), Le Gray Beirut (+961 1 971 111) or Phoenicia Hotel Beirut (+961 1 369 100) promises a great start to any day.

lebanese-cuisine-lebanon-travelerJoin a Cooking Class

It’s no secret that the Lebanese love to cook. If you’re looking to pick up a new skill, or you’re just interested in learning more about Lebanese cuisine, join a cooking class like the ones offered at Tawlet (+961 1 448 129), Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy (+961 1 323 084) and Kitchenlab (+961 1 200 391).


beirut-lebanon-travelerListen to Live Music

With several Lebanese bands tasting international success over recent years, Beirut’s music scene should not be underestimated. Watch local talent perform in live music venues such as Blue Note Café (+961 1 743 857), Onomatopoeia The Music Hub (+961 1 398 986) and L’appartement (+961 3 760 044).

beirut-bar-lebanon-travelerDo Some Bar Hopping

There’s a reason why Beirut is reputedly one of the world’s best destinations for nightlife. A certain magic emanates from the city as soon as the sun sets, notably in Mar Mikhael, Gemmayze, Badaro and Hamra. Go on a bar-hopping adventure by visiting Electric Bing Sutt (+961 81 424 577), Central Station (+961 71 736 737), Ferdinand (+961 1 355 955), Ales & Tales (+961 70 151 328), Rabbit Hole (+961 70 334 464), Pablo Escobar – Cóctel Y Cocina (+961 76 773 477), La Mezcaleria (+961 70 001 118), Pacifico (+961 1 204 446) and Jackie O (+961 3 315 324).

night-life-beirut-lebanon-travelerHit the Clubs

Known for its love of late-night parties, Beirut’s nightclub scene is second to none. For a night to remember, head to B 018 (+961 3 800 018), Discotek (+961 81 706 030), The Grand Factory (+961 3 703 371) or Music Hall (+961 1 361 236).


Article published on January 30, 2021.

Article edited on October 13, 2021.


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