7 Spaces to Unleash Your Creativity

by Maria Frangieh

If you’re tired of going to bars and restaurants, and you want to try something new with your partner or friends, we’re here to guide you. Soothe your mind and let your creative side roam free at one of these unique spots. 

1. Kitchen Lab (+961 1 200 391 / +961 81 790 884

Located on Monot Street in Achrafieh, Kitchen Lab provides guests with the opportunity to join a cooking class before enjoying a beautiful meal. From Asian and Italian to French and Mediterranean dishes, Kitchen Lab’s offering is extensive. Time to put that apron on!


Photo- @Kitchenlab.lb

2. Espace Fann (+961 78 811 885)

If you’re an art lover, a designer or an artist, this place is calling you. Many artistic activities are held at Espace Fann, Ein el Mreisseh, where people can get together and share their passion for art. Classes are available for beginners and professionals, which focus on art therapy, calligraphy, crochet, fashion design and other creative disciplines. 


Photo – @espace_fann

3. Purple Pineapple Pot (+961 3 670 785)

If you don’t really know you want to try, take a look at Purple Pineapple Pot’s range of activities. Workshops include ceramics, glass painting and chocolate making, while outdoor activities include paragliding, tandem flying or hot air ballooning.


Photo – @purplepineapplepot

4. I Seed (+961 71 519 618)

Join the candle making workshops offered by I Seed and learn tips and tricks to make your own scented candles at home. This therapeutic activity promises to bring your imagination to life, helping you focus and handcraft the most beautiful, customized candles.


Photo – @iseed.candleslebanon

5. Naïve by Emné (+961 3 741 125)

An artistic haven, Naïve in Badaro boasts a range of workshops, from embroidery to clay therapy. Learn new skills while you unwind at this creative hot spot. 


Photo – @naivebyemne

6. Atelier Ikebana by Jessica (+961 70 317 385)

Whether you are looking for workshops on ikebana and sogetsu, manga drawing, origami or culinary art, you needn’t look further than Atelier Ikebana. This unique place will help you pause and reset, with relaxing sessions led by the passionate Jessica.


Photo – @atelierikebanalb

7. Creativenass (+961 76 656 554)

Located in the heart of Badaro, Creative ناس is an authentic space where you can release your stress and create with passion. It’s the ideal place to participate in clay sculpting, painting or embroidery with a group of friends.


Photo – @creativenass



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